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    Northamptonshire 18-9


    Safety measures 104w

Abandoned vehicles

Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Foot and mouth disease 1192w




    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 878w

Accident and emergency departments

    St George's Hospital Tooting 781w




    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 604w, 929w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 228w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 750w

    Scotland Office 547w

Administration of justice


Adoption and Children Bill 2001/02


Adult education


    Dept for Work and Pensions 555w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 745-6w

    Ministry of Defence 12-3w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 751-2w

Advocate General for Scotland

    Crimes against property 548w

    Parliamentary questions 69w

    Private finance initiative 548w

    Public expenditure 68w

    Public private partnerships 548w


Aerospace industry


    Dept for International Development 221w

    Primary education 56w



Agency nurses


Aggregates levy

    Environmental impact assessment 292w, 614w

    Small businesses 614w

Agricultural shows


    see also Farmers and Farms

    Seasonal workers 606w


Ainsworth, Bob, Parliamentary Secretary, Home Office


    Arrest referral scheme 347w

    Drug treatment and testing orders 346w

    Drugs, Proceeds of crime 872-3w

    Drugs, Screening 346w

    European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, Bank services 766w

    Proceeds of crime, Wales 761w

    West Mercia Police, Recruitment 362w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter


    Agriculture, Subsidies 683-4

    Ethnic groups, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 612w

    Foot and mouth disease 267w

    Foot and mouth disease, Aberdare 1192w

    Foot and mouth disease, Compensation 1061-2w

    Foot and mouth disease, Devon 267w

    Foot and mouth disease, Disease control 1062w

    Greenhouse effect 687

    Parish councils 81w

    Refrigerators, Waste disposal 1070w

    Rural Payments Agency, Pay 612w

    Wood, Cabinet Office 1250w

Air force

Air misses

    Newcastle Airport 93w

Air pollution

    Fossil fuelled power stations 291w

Air traffic control




Alcoholic drinks

    Import controls 260w

Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister for E-commerce and Competitiveness, Dept of Trade and Industry


    Cellular phones 381w

    EU Transport and Telecommunications Council 379w

    Facsimile transmission, Unsolicited goods and services 638w

    Post offices, Closures 1143w

    Post offices, Information services 1132-3w

    Post offices, Norfolk 1143w

    Post offices, Rural areas 639w

    Post offices, Urban areas 371w

    Postal services, Competition 371w

    Postal workers, Temporary employment 1143w

Allan, Mr Richard


    Peak District, Access 1058w

Allen, Mr Graham


    Schools, Religion 131w

    Task forces, Public appointments 775w

Alternative energy

Alyn and Deeside

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