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Cran, Mr James


    Members, Correspondence 930w

Cranston, Ross

                  Debates etc.

    Enterprise Bill, 2R (10.04.02) 95-8


    European Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, Bank services 766w

    Insurance, Employers' liability 110w

Crausby, Mr David


    Criminal investigation, Fingerprints 868w

    Iraq, Terrorism 827w

Credit unions

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

Crewe-Holyhead railway line


    Alcoholic drinks 568w

    Northern Ireland 502w

Crime and Disorder Act 1998


Crime prevention

    Young people 5w

Crimes against property

    Advocate General for Scotland 548w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 86w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 984w

    Scotland Office 547w

    Solicitor-General 530w

Crimes of violence

Criminal Cases Review Commission

Criminal injuries compensation

Criminal investigation

Criminal Justice Act 1988


Criminal proceedings

Criminal Records Bureau

Crisis loans


Crossrail line

Crown courts

Crown Prosecution Service

Cryer, John


    Immigration, Administrative delays 1255w

    Postal workers, Temporary employment 1143w

    Recreation spaces, Planning 797w

Cunningham, Mr Jim


    Administration of justice, Annual reports 572w

    Afghanistan, Drugs 830w

    Afghanistan, International assistance 988w

    NATO enlargement, Baltic states 27-8w

    RAF Menwith Hill 27w

Cunningham, Tony

                  Debates etc.

    Armed forces (11.04.02) 181-2


    Employment, Discrimination 697w

    Radiography, Recruitment 786w


Curry, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    NHS (18.04.02) 724


    Agriculture, Subsidies 682-3

Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire


    Chemicals Innovation and Growth Team 1204w

    Civil Contingencies Secretariat, Manpower 1252w

    Criminal Cases Review Commission, Legal opinion 767w

    Criminal Cases Review Commission, Standards 768-9w

    Criminal Cases Review Commission, Training 767-8w

    Engineering, Wales 5w

    Engineers, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 86-7w

    Foreign investment in UK, Japan 382-3w

    GCE AS level, Mathematics 907w

    General certificate of secondary education 895w

    India-UK Round Table 56w

    NHS, Procurement 914w

    Overseas investment, Japan 746-7w

    Regional development agencies, Finance 849w

    Sexual offences, Criminal proceedings 1209w

    Small businesses, Bank services 141

    Small businesses, Regulation 362w

    Small businesses, Regulatory impact assessments 383w

    Small businesses, Venture capital 935w

    Vocational education 1128w

Customs and Excise


    Road traffic offences 764w

Cynon Valley


Cystic fibrosis

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