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    Repairs and maintenance 680w



Abandoned vehicles

Abbott, Ms Diane

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    London Underground (24.04.02) 112wh


    Business questions 1056


Academic year

Accident and emergency departments


    Ambulance services 462w

    Military aircraft 9w


    Non-departmental public bodies 682w


Active citizenship

Acute beds

Addresses to the Crown

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (22.04.02) 1

Administration of justice


Adult education


    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 378w, 941-2w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 716w

Advisory services

Advocate General for Scotland

    Trade unions 70w


    Planning permission 48-9w

Aerospace industry


    Politics and government 646-7w


    International assistance 943-4

African Development Bank


    Kidney patients 631w


Agency nurses

    Criminal records 101w

Agenda 21

Aggregates levy

Aggregates Levy (General) Regulations 2002

                  Debates etc.

Aggregates Levy (Registration and Miscellaneous Provisions) Regulations 2001

                  Debates etc.


    see also Farmers and Farms

"Agriculture in the United Kingdom 2001"

Ainsworth, Bob, Parliamentary Secretary, Home Office


    Communities against drugs initiative 221w

    Crimes of violence, Public sector 35w

    Criminal Records Bureau 18

    Drug abstinence orders 705w

    Drug treatment and testing orders 439w

    Drugs, Rehabilitation 436w

    Drugs, Smuggling 439w

    Money laundering 439w

    Warehouse parties 831w

Ainsworth, Mr Peter


    Ambulance services, Reviews 360w

    Ambulance services, South East region 238w

    Construction, Health hazards 663w

    Departmental coordination, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 139-42w

    Environment protection, Volunteers 661w

    Foot and mouth disease, Compensation 661w

    Future of Farming and Food Policy Commission 18w

    Gatwick Airport, Parking 281w

    National Council for Voluntary Service 661-2w

    Nitrates, Pollution 17-8w

    Publications, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 660w

    Rural areas, Finance 947w

    Rural Payments Agency, Euro 136w

    Tipping of waste, Sentencing 662w

Air force

    Gibraltar 7w

Air pollution

Air traffic

Air traffic control

Aircraft carriers


    Customs officers 334w

Alcohol Services Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

Alcoholic drinks


Alexander, Mr Douglas, Minister for E-commerce and Competitiveness, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Debates etc.

    Direct selling (26.04.02) 646-8

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Broadband, Monmouthshire 919w

    Companies, Ethics 922w

    Digital broadcasting 922w

    EU Transport and Telecommunications Council 38-9w, 389w

    Members, Correspondence 299w

    National Federation of Sub-Postmasters 794w

    Post offices, Social security benefits 39w

    Post offices, Training 794w

    Post offices, Urban areas 1040-2

    Postal services, Competition 793w

    Radio frequencies, Licensing 297-8w

    Telephone services, Hampshire 925w

    Utilities, Rural areas 920w

Allan, Mr Richard


Allen, Mr Graham


    Abandoned vehicles 564w

    Consumers, Protection 736w

    Public Appointments Unit 871w

    Strokes, Health services 115w

    Tax allowances, Overseas residence 337w

Allocation of time motions

    see Timetabling of bills

    Passenger transport executives 464-5w

Alternative energy

    Capital allowances 212w

Alyn and Deeside

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