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Habitual offenders

    Electronic tagging 322w


Hain, Rt Hon Peter, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office


    Czech Republic, EC accession 784w

    EC enlargement, EC grants and loans 784w

    EC Foreign Affairs Council, Scottish Executive 23-4w

    Euro-Mediterranean Conference 294-5w

    Gibraltar, European Parliament elections 930w

    Gibraltar, Pensions 129w

Hall, Mr Mike


    Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils 737-8w

Hamilton, David

                  Debates etc.

    Recycling (30.04.02) 924


    Channel tunnel, Freight 565w

    Death rate, Midlothian 226w

    Middle East, Armed conflict 946

Hamilton, Mr Fabian


Hammond, Mr Philip

                  Debates etc.

    Social services, Surrey (29.04.02) 777, 780


    Broadband, Rural areas 1035

    Common customs tariffs 498w

    Conditions of employment, EC action 488-9w

    Electronic equipment, Waste disposal 209-10w

    Employment agencies 739w

    Industrial diseases, Compensation 586-7w

    Members, Correspondence 591w

    Temporary employment, EC action 489w

    Temporary employment, Public sector 489w


    Antisocial behaviour orders 824w

    Emergency calls 903w

    Telephone services 925w

Hancock, Mr Mike


    Ballistic missile defence, USA 482w

    Children, Abuse 607w

    Defence equipment, Procurement 746w

    Joint strike fighter aircraft 742-3w

    Nuclear weapons 524w

    Ports, Security 403w

    Prisoners, Medical treatments 323-4w

    Secondary education, Manpower 88w

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet, Solicitor-General


    Billing, Solicitor-General 318-9w

    Contracts, Solicitor-General 1w

    Corruption, Prosecutions 464

    Crime, Motor vehicles 418w

    Criminal investigation, Standards 319w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Annual reports 928w

    Maddison, Ronald 928w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Solicitor-General 2w

    New deal for young people, Solicitor-General 2w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Solicitor-General 2w, 320w

    Nurseries, Solicitor-General 318w

    Official hospitality, Solicitor-General 2w

    Orders and regulations, Solicitor-General 320w

    Overtime, Solicitor-General 321w

    Parliamentary questions, Solicitor-General 320w

    Part-time employment, Solicitor-General 320w

    Porton Down 3w

    Press, Solicitor-General 926w

    Private finance initiative, Solicitor-General 318w

    Prosecutions, Racially aggravated offences 419w

    Public expenditure, Solicitor-General 320w

    Public participation, Solicitor-General 926-7w

    Public private partnerships, Solicitor-General 318w

    Roads, Accidents 417w

    Sentencing, Appeals 633w

    Serious Fraud Office 319w

    Sick leave, Solicitor-General 319w

    Theft, Solicitor-General 1w

    Training, Solicitor-General 928w

    Visits abroad, Solicitor-General 2w

    Written questions, Solicitor-General 319-20w

    Young offenders, Administration of justice 417-8w

    Young people, Solicitor-General 928w

Harpoon missiles

Harrier aircraft

Harris, Dr Evan

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Alcoholic drinks, Misuse (24.04.02) 84-6wh


    Ambulance services, Standards 101w

    Cataracts, Surgery 113w

    Paediatrics, Intensive care 623-4w

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 997w

    Vaccination, Children 618w

Harris, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Business, Disadvantaged 1037-8

    Channel tunnel railway line, Scotland 794

    Police, Northern Ireland 659w

Harvey, Nick


    Broadcasting reception, Devon 152w

    Customs officers, Airports 334w

    Dental services, Medical records 355w

    Digital broadcasting, Devon 152w

    Millennium Exhibition, Meridian Delta 808w

    Radio frequencies, Licensing 297-8w

Haskins Task Force

    see Better Regulation Task Force

Hassockfield Secure Training Centre

    Private finance initiative 434w

Havard, Mr Dai



Hawk aircraft

Hawkins, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Social services, Surrey (29.04.02) 778

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill (HL), 2R (29.04.02) 685, 688


    Bypasses, Construction 465w

    Drug abstinence orders 705w

    Drug treatment and testing orders 439w

    Drugs, Smuggling 439w

    Police, Reform 6-7

Hayes, Mr John


    Business questions 1057

Heads of state

Heald, Mr Oliver


    Agency nurses, Criminal records 101w

    Dietary supplements, EC action 765-7w

    Eyesight, Diseases 122w

    Medical treatments, Private sector 767w

    Mental health services, Children 351-2w

    Mental health services, Costs 934w

    National Institute for Clinical Excellence, Reviews 519w

    NHS, Career structure 119w

Healey, John, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills


    Education, Finance 637w

    Education, Internet 156w

    Education, Qualifications 642w

    Free school meals 634w

    Further education, Finance 405w

    Further education, Qualifications 642w

    Further education, Student numbers 405w

    Further education, Student wastage 637w

    Individual learning accounts, Databases 635w

    Industrial training 911w

    Jobcentre Plus, Basic education 642-3w

    Learndirect centres, Buckingham 160w

    Local education authorities, Public private partnerships 799-800w

    Mature students, Information technology 417w

    Modern apprenticeships 644w

    Playing fields, Greater London 78w

    Schools, Buildings 74w

    Schools, Information technology 77w

    Schools, Playing fields 302w

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 453-4

    Schools, Sanitation 307w

    Schools, Transport 636w

    Secondary education, Sports 568w

    Sector Skills Development Agency 643w

    Sixth form education, Class sizes 640w

    Skilled workers, Railways 158-9w

    Sports, Schools 159w

    Teachers, Working hours 640w

Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 2002


Health and Safety Executive

Health authorities

Health centres

Health hazards

Health insurance

Health services

    Public private partnerships 748-9w

Health Trends Review

Hearing aids

Heart diseases

Heart valves

Heath, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Budget April 2002 (22.04.02) 65, 79

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Chemical and biological warfare, Departmental coordination 267w

    Criminal Courts Review, Magistrates' courts 800

    Schools, Repairs and maintenance 454

Heathrow Airport

    Pollution control 669w

    Railway network 181w

Heavily indebted poor countries initiative

Hedges and ditches


    Rescue services 400w

Henderson, Mr Ivan

                  Debates etc.

    Budget April 2002 (23.04.02) 160


    Angola, Overseas aid 146w

    Genetically modified organisms, Weedkillers 382-3w

    Museums and galleries, Fees and charges 591-2w

    Students, Transport 86w

    Travel, Concessions 51w

Hendrick, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.


    Hearing aids, Lancashire 119w

Hendry, Mr Charles


    Business questions 475

    Lewes-Tunbridge Wells railway line 173w


Hepburn, Mr Stephen


Hereford Hospital

    Petitions (29.04.02) 775


    Health services 516w

Hermon, Lady

                  Debates etc.

    Gulf War syndrome (23.04.02) 311


    Post offices, Closures 792w


Hesford, Stephen


    Higher education, Admissions 157w

Hewitt, Rt Hon Ms Patricia, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry

                  Debates etc.

    Budget April 2002 (22.04.02) 25-33


    Aerospace industry, Export credit guarantees 925w

    Biotechnology, EC action 296w

    British Petroleum, Dept of Trade and Industry 588-9w, 924w

    Business, EC enlargement 797w

    Chemical Weapons Act 1996 391w

    Coal, Government assistance 1038-9

    Coal operating aid scheme 922w

    Common customs tariffs 498w

    Complaints, Dept of Trade and Industry 299-300w

    Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils 737-8w

    Disabled, Dept of Trade and Industry 924w

    EC economic policy 919w

    EC internal trade 796w

    EC Research Council, Scottish Executive 39w

    Energy supply, Standards 921w

    Females, Older workers 925w

    Financial services 391w

    Flexible working 1045

    Manpower, Dept of Trade and Industry 583-4w

    Manufacturing industries, Government assistance 299w

    Members, Correspondence 391w

    National insurance contributions, Dept of Trade and Industry 923w

    New deal for young people, Dept of Trade and Industry 209w

    Newspaper press, Dept of Trade and Industry 490w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Dept of Trade and Industry 295w, 584w

    Official hospitality, Dept of Trade and Industry 38w

    Operating costs, Dept of Trade and Industry 38w

    Overseas investment, Government assistance 488w, 924w

    Radio, Dept of Trade and Industry 741w

    Regulatory impact assessments 490w

    Serials, Dept of Trade and Industry 490w

    Small businesses, Higher education 213w

    Solar power, Dept of Trade and Industry 296-7w

    Voluntary organisations, Dept of Trade and Industry 584-5w

    Working conditions, Pregnant women 1044-5

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