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Iddon, Dr Brian

                  Debates etc.

    Israel (29.04.02) 674

    Israel, Petitions (30.04.02) 922


    Consultation papers, Cabinet Office 91-2w

    Crime, Northern Ireland 836w

    Crimes of violence, Public sector 35w

    Dental services, Manpower 354-5w

    Exservicemen 657

    Sixth form education, Finance 447-8

Identity cards

    Dept for Education and Skills 77w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 186-7w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 345w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 694w

    Northern Ireland Office 144w

    Scotland Office 956w

Illegal immigrants

Illsley, Mr Eric


    BBC External Services, Finance 945


    Administrative delays 828w

Immigration Appeal Tribunal

Immigration Services Commissioner

    see Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner

Immobilisation of vehicles

    Fees and charges 327w


    Alcoholic drinks 728w

Incapacity benefit

    North Yorkshire 984w

Income support

Income tax

Independent Commissioner for Detained Terrorist Suspects

Independent Living Organisation

    Employment tribunals 628w


Individual learning accounts

Individual savings accounts

Industrial diseases

Industrial health and safety

    Computer terminals 682w

Industrial training


Information officers

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 20w

    Scotland Office 69w

Information services

    Parliamentary procedure 688w

Information technology

    Employment Service 204w

    Mature students 417w

    National Care Standards Commission 374w

    Overseas workers 984w

Information warfare

    National security 424w


Ingram, Rt Hon Adam, Minister of State, Ministry of Defence

                  Debates etc.

    Gulf War syndrome (23.04.02) 310-4

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Air force, Defence 528w

    Air force, Gibraltar 7w

    Armed forces, British overseas territories 426w

    Armed forces, Education 8w

    Armed forces, Gibraltar 7w, 744w

    Armed forces, Kosovo 745w

    Armed forces, Welfare tax credits 423-4w

    Armed Forces Personnel Administration Agency, Standards 191-2w

    Army Base Repair Organisation, Conditions of employment 9w

    Ballistic missile defence, USA 965w

    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry 254-6w

    Defence Aviation Repair Agency, Manpower 527-8w

    Defence Fire Service 661-3

    Falkland Islands, Armed conflict 194-5w

    Harrier aircraft 523w

    Information warfare, National security 424w

    Military aircraft, Iraq 5w

    Military bases, Cyprus 744w

    Military exercises, Bomb disposal 482-3w

    National insurance contributions, Ministry of Defence 957w

    Navy, Military aircraft 485-6w

    Parachuting, Training 788w

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother 253w

    Sierra Leone, Peace keeping operations 666

    Tornado aircraft 262w

    Trident missiles 8w

    United Nations, Peace keeping operations 422w

    Warships, Military aircraft 529w

    Warships, Modernisation 967-8w

    Warships, Repairs and maintenance 534w

    Wessex helicopters 957w

Inheritance tax


Inland Revenue

Inland waterways

Institutional care

    Mentally incapacitated 114w


    Government departments 272w

Insurance premium tax

Intellectual property

    Trade agreements 796w

Intensive care

Interdepartmental Working Group on Transsexuals

    see Transsexuals Interdepartmental Working Group

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

    Public appointments 939w

International cooperation

International Monetary Fund

International Red Cross



Invalid care allowances

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