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Soames, Mr Nicholas

                  Debates etc.

    Written questions, Points of order (01.05.02) 951-2


    Armed forces, Telecommunications 653

    Asylum, Administrative delays 818-9w

    Asylum, Afghanistan 817w

    Entry clearances, Married people 821w

    UN Convention on the Status of Refugees 821w

Social Fund

Social rented housing

Social security benefits

    Automated credit transfer 870w

    Community service orders 867-8w

    Post offices 39w

Social Security Benefits Agency

Social Security (Disability Living Allowance) (Amendment) Regulations 2002

                  Debates etc.

Social Security Fraud Act 2001


Social services

    Standard spending assessments 763w

Social workers

    Codes of practice 618w

Soft drinks

Solar power

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 786w

    Dept for Education and Skills 643w

    Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 937w

    Dept for International Development 750w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 982w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 597w

    Northern Ireland Office 841w

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 537w

Soley, Mr Clive

                  Debates etc.


    Crimes against the person 16

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 840w


    Contracts 1w

    Ministerial policy advisors 2w

    New deal for young people 2w

    Non-departmental public bodies 2w, 320w

    Official hospitality 2w

    Orders and regulations 320w

    Parliamentary questions 320w

    Part-time employment 320w

    Private finance initiative 318w

    Public expenditure 320w

    Public private partnerships 318w

    Visits abroad 2w


South Africa

South America

South East region

South West region

Southern region

Southworth, Ms Helen


    Weapons, Northern Ireland 837w


Speaker and deputies

                  Debates etc.

    Amendments and new clauses (29.04.02) 683, (30.04.02) 816, (01.05.02) 959

    Disallowed questions (02.05.02) 1039

    Orders and regulations motions (22.04.02) 120, (24.04.02) 437, (29.04.02) 775

    Queen Elizabeth II, Addresses to the Crown (30.04.02) 785-8

    Royal Assent (01.05.02) 949

    Rulings and statements, Fifteen minutes rule (23.04.02) 170

    Rulings and statements, Joint select committees (30.04.02) 920

    Rulings and statements, Lockerbie (01.05.02) 950

    Rulings and statements, Ten minutes rule (22.04.02) 39

    Rulings and statements, Times of sittings (24.04.02) 340

    Rulings and statements, Twelve minutes rule (24.04.02) 365

    Rulings and statements, Unparliamentary expressions (23.04.02) 246

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

Special category prisoners

Special education

Specialist schools

Speech therapy

Speed limits

Spellar, Rt Hon John, Minister for Transport, Department for Transport Local Government and the Regions


    EU Transport and Telecommunications Council, Scottish Executive 392w

    Humber bridge, Repairs and maintenance 678w

    Humber Bridge Board, Debts 190w

    Lewes-Tunbridge Wells railway line 173w

    M6, North West region 50w

    Railways, Finance 174w

Spelman, Mrs Caroline

                  Debates etc.

    Developing countries (25.04.02) 495-504

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    African Development Bank 855-6w

    Annual reports, Dept for International Development 752w

    Chechnya, Human rights 654w

    Chechnya, Identity cards 653-4w

    Heavily indebted poor countries initiative 852-4w

    Palestinians, Medical treatments 858-9w

    Palestinians, Overseas aid 147w

    Public expenditure, Dept for International Development 27-8w

    Working conditions, Pregnant women 1044-5

Spicer, Sir Michael


    Asylum, Social services 347w

    Asylum, Throckmorton airfield 356w

    Local government finance, Malvern Hills 554w

Spinal injuries

Spink, Bob

                  Debates etc.

    Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill, 2R (24.04.02) 417

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill (HL), 2R (29.04.02) 735, 738

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Gibraltar, European Parliament elections 930w

    Police, Reform 7-8

    Sustainable development 321


Sport action zones


    Secondary education 568w

Spring, Mr Richard


    Business, EC enlargement 797w

    Czech Republic, EC accession 784w

    EC enlargement, EC grants and loans 784w

    EC internal trade 796w

    Gibraltar, Spain 930w

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