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    Meat and Livestock Commission 828w



    Opposition days (15.05.02) 836-79




Blair, Rt Hon Tony, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service


    Airguns, Young people 145

    Civil servants, Conditions of employment 468w

    Committee of Selection 771-2

    Commonwealth Games, Manchester 165w

    Community service orders, Social security benefits 770-1

    Delivery Unit, Manpower 165-6w

    Drug treatment and testing orders 151

    European Commission, Public appointments 468w

    Fair trade initiative 773

    Ferries, Rosyth 769

    Foot and mouth disease, Inquiries 769

    Gibraltar, Spain 766

    Government, Annual reports 468w

    Health services, Fareham 152

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 150

    House of Lords, Reform 773

    Intelligence services, Business interests 166w

    Lords Lieutenant, Essex 848w

    Manufacturing industries, Wales 774

    Middle East, Armed conflict 144-5

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 143-4

    Mining, Wrexham 768

    Ministerial statements, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 848w

    Northern Ireland government 152

    Official hospitality, Dept of Health 151

    Parental responsibility 149-50

    Pensioners, Council tax 771

    Performance and Innovation Unit 165w

    Queen Elizabeth II, Anniversaries 149

    Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Wills 468w

    Rescue services 148

    Royal family, Inheritance tax 467w

    Sellafield, Safety 10w

    Sierra Leone, Politics and government 771

    Sure start programme 766

    Surgery, Waiting lists 772-3

    Tourism, Coastal areas 774

    Wembley Stadium 147

    Young offenders, Child benefit 468w


Blears, Ms Hazel, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept of Health

                  Debates etc.

    Marie Curie Cancer Care (13.05.02) 619-24

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Accident and emergency departments (14.05.02) 194-7wh


    Accident and emergency departments, Waiting lists 616w

    Alcoholic drinks, Consumption 123-4w

    Alcoholic drinks, Females 867w

    Alcoholic drinks, Pregnant women 256w

    Alcoholism, Females 866w

    Ambulance services, Finance 268w

    Ambulance services, Standards 102w

    Ambulance services, West Midlands 110w

    Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Trust, Finance 736w

    Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Trust, Public appointments 353w

    Audit Commission, Public appointments 262w

    Benzodiazepines, Prescriptions 625-6w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome, Health services 616-7w

    Community hospitals 4-5

    Contracts, Dept of Health 102w

    Cost effectiveness, Dept of Health 269w

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease 100-1w

    Crime, Dept of Health 870w

    Data protection, Dept of Health 626w

    Dental services, Disadvantaged 98w

    Dental services, Essex 615w

    Devolution, Dept of Health 863w

    Eastbourne Hospitals NHS Trust, National insurance contributions 258w

    EC action, Dept of Health 874-6w

    Employment agencies, Dept of Health 872w

    Employment tribunals, Dept of Health 857-9w

    Family practitioner services, Surveys 123w

    Health action zones 742w

    Health authorities, Public appointments 264w

    Health services, Languages 101-2w

    Hospitals, Common land 123w

    Hospitals, Crimes of violence 729-30w

    Hospitals, Isle of Sheppey 742w

    Hospitals, Repairs and maintenance 624-5w

    Independent Reconfiguration Panel 259w

    Intensive care, Hospital beds 863w

    Italy, Dept of Health 873w

    Marfan syndrome, Research 107w

    Medical records 258w

    Medicines Control Agency, Standards 355w

    Mental health services, Epsom 860w

    Miscellaneous Food Additives (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2002 630-2w

    MMR vaccine, Surrey 728w

    National insurance contributions, Dept of Health 257w

    NHS, Publications 120w

    NHS trusts, Industrial health and safety 864-5w

    NHS trusts, Public appointments 264w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Dept of Health 121w

    North Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Private finance initiative 105-6w

    Official residences, Dept of Health 353w

    Operating theatres, Hygiene 869w

    Opioids, Prescriptions 623w

    Orders and regulations, Dept of Health 500-12w

    Patient advice and liaison services 119w

    Patients, Travel 353w

    Pay, Dept of Health 121w

    Pharmacy, Fees and charges 95w, 100w

    Pharmacy, Rural areas 96w

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust 869w

    Prescriptions, Fees and charges 270w

    Prescriptions, Students 736w

    Radio, Dept of Health 254w

    Solar power, Dept of Health 723w

    Speech therapy, New Forest 107w

    Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust 264-5w

    Sussex Weald and Downs NHS Trust, Private finance initiative 105w

    Training, Dept of Health 739w

    Wessex Neurological Centre 265w

    Written questions, Administrative delays 626w

    Written questions, Dept of Health 106w


    see Sight impaired

Blizzard, Mr Bob

                  Debates etc.

    Oral question time intervention (16.05.02) 903


    Medical profession, Recruitment 95w

Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry

Blunkett, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for the Home Dept


    British citizenship 474w

    Members, Correspondence 385w

    MI5, Termination of employment 475w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Home Office 473w

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Debates etc.

    Byers, Stephen, Points of order (08.05.02) 244

    Devolution, Points of order (09.05.02) 319

    Home Energy Conservation Bill, Rep adjourned (10.05.02) 472

    Whips, Points of order (10.05.02) 475-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Bloody Sunday Tribunal of Inquiry 59-60w

    Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust 264-5w

    Venezuela, Politics and government 633

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