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Lucas, Ian

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Drug treatment and testing orders 798w

    Employment, Rehabilitation 31w

    Farms, Waste disposal 500w

    Foetal death, Registration 850w

    National Assembly for Wales, Powers 277

    Railways, Safety 288

    Young offenders, Electronic tagging 549w

Luff, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Asylum, Throckmorton airfield (23.05.02) 490-8

    India, Pakistan (10.06.02) 610

    National Insurance Contributions Bill, Rem stages (10.06.02) 683-8

    Nationality Immigration and Asylum Bill, Programme motion and Rep (11.06.02) 735, 769, 771, 773-5

    Road traffic control, Petitions (22.05.02) 354-5

    Throckmorton airfield, Points of order (11.06.02) 725-6


    Defence Estates, Asylum 1232w

    Environmental impact assessment 219-20w

    Foot and mouth disease, Throckmorton airfield 925w

    Inland waterways 152

    Military bases, Liverpool 1351w

    Property transfer, Cabinet Office 1037w

    Property transfer, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1011w

    Property transfer, Dept for Education and Skills 662w

    Property transfer, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 931w

    Property transfer, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1193-4w

    Property transfer, Treasury 567w

    Sixth form education, Finance 468w

Luke, Mr Iain


    Burma, Foreign relations 603-4w

    East coast railway line, Repairs and maintenance 1183w

Lung cancer

    Medical treatments 687w


    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 1010w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 1019-20w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 657w

    Dept of Trade and Industry 981-2w

    Lord Chancellor's Dept 1193w

    Public expenditure 568w

    Vocational training 1409w

Lyme Bay

    Rescue services 126w

Lynx helicopters

Lyons, Mr John


    East Timor, Diplomatic service 1274w

    Euro 2008, Scotland 1169w

    Labour and employment 994w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 1274w

    New deal schemes, Long term unemployed 1288w

    Nurses, Manpower 688w

    Nurses, Training 688w

    Television, Licensing 1169w

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