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Cabinet committees

    Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 327w

Cabinet Office

    Members' interests 316w

    Official hospitality 316w

    Publications 1029-30w

    Royal prerogative 810w

    Standards 141-2w, 317w

    Written questions 309w

Cable, Mr Vincent

                  Debates etc.

    Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill, 3R (21.06.02) 575

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, Rep and 3R (21.06.02) 537-9

    Energy (20.06.02) 440, 493-5

    Export Control Bill, Lords amendts (24.06.02) 642-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Hospices (19.06.02) 126-9wh


    Aircraft, Noise 69w

    Armed forces, Housing 39-40w

    Business questions 968

    Cancer, Waiting lists 229-30w

    Capital Modernisation Fund 943-4w

    Consignia, Consultants 790w

    Consultation papers, Dept for Work and Pensions 87-8w

    Defence equipment, Export credit guarantees 589w

    Employment tribunals, Deposits 343w

    Financial services, Misrepresentation 401

    Fire engines 81w

    Foot and mouth disease, Advisory bodies 989w

    Further education, Intimidation 522w

    Hearing aids 144

    Information officers, Dept of Trade and Industry 893w

    Millennium Exhibition 420w

    National Lottery, Sports 597-8

    Post offices, Bank services 592-3w

    Post offices, Credit unions 343w

    Post offices, Rural areas 593w

    Railways, Franchises 74w

    Road works, Utilities 877-8w

    Schools, Intimidation 522w

    Sports, Schools 272w

    Stationery, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 275w

    Stationery, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 375w

    Timesharing 988-9w

Caborn, Rt Hon Richard, Minister of State for Sport, Dept for Culture Media and Sport


    Euro 2008, Scotland 592-3

    Gambling, Regulation 640w

    Games of chance 421w

    Industry, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 277w

    Motor sports 594-6

    National Lottery, Grants 640w

    National Lottery, Sports 642w

    Parks 602-3

    Parliamentary questions, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 422w

    Pay, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 419w, 587w

    Republic of Ireland, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 587-8w

    Sports, Facilities 646w

    Sports, International organisations 641w

    Sports, Young people 596-7, 641w

Cairns, David

                  Debates etc.

    Air traffic control, EC action (24.06.02) 679, 682, 690-3


    Aircraft carriers, Procurement 5

Calton, Mrs Patsy

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Higher education, Research (27.06.02) 334-7wh, 343wh


    Care homes, Per capita costs 1090-2w

    Care homes, Standards 242-3w

    Epilepsy 243-4w

    Members, Equal opportunities 2w


    Post offices 31-2w

Cambridge University

    Animal experiments 286w

Camelot Group

Cameron, Mr David


    Brown, Jonathan Lincoln 731

    Doctors, Foreign workers 845w

    Hospital beds, Oxfordshire 231w

Campbell, Alastair

Campbell, Mrs Anne

                  Debates etc.

    Asthma, Medical treatments (25.06.02) 851-5


    Aviation, Excise duties 667w

    Breast feeding 151

    Business questions 960

    Students, Finance 450w

Campbell, Mr Gregory


    Prisoners' release, Northern Ireland 66w

Campbell, Rt Hon Menzies

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (18.06.02) 234

    Zimbabwe (25.06.02) 813, 818-21


    Arms trade, Israel 343-5w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 741

    Zimbabwe 726-7


    168-70w, 568-9w, 876-7

    Hair dyes 624-5w

    Life expectancy 569-70w

    Waiting lists 229-30w

Canvey Island

Capital Modernisation Fund


Carbon dioxide


    European Capital of Culture 329w

    Social security benefits 1063-4w

Care homes

    Income support 1085-6w

    Incontinence aids 164-5w

    Per capita costs 1090-2w

    Standards 242-3w

Care Standards Act 2000



Career structure

    Health and Safety Executive 776w


    Industrial health and safety 740w

    Pensions 1056-7w

    State second pension 675w

    Young people 18-9w

Carers' allowance

    Scotland 631-2w

Carers and Disabled Children Act 2000


Carlton House Terrace

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 645w

Carmichael, Mr Alistair

                  Debates etc.

    Enterprise Bill, Rep and 3R (17.06.02) 26-7, 34, 36, 52-3, 56, 58-9, 63-4, 106-7, 113-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Shipping, Safety (25.06.02) 208wh


    Common fisheries policy, Reform 1000w

    Customs and Excise, Finance 449w

    MV Braer 74-5w

    National Air Traffic Services 766w

    Property, Scotland Office 796-7w

    Royal prerogative, Cabinet Office 810w

    Royal prerogative, Dept for Education and Skills 829w

    Royal prerogative, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 925w

    Royal prerogative, Dept for International Development 749w

    Royal prerogative, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 775w

    Royal prerogative, Dept for Work and Pensions 834w

    Royal prerogative, Dept of Trade and Industry 791w

    Royal prerogative, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 789w

    Royal prerogative, Home Office 1067w

    Royal prerogative, Lord Chancellor's Dept 835w

    Royal prerogative, Ministry of Defence 747-8w

    Royal prerogative, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 801w

    Royal prerogative, Prime Minister 799-800w

    Royal prerogative, Scotland Office 795-6w

    Royal prerogative, Treasury 760w

    Social Security Benefits Agency, Older workers 97-8w

Casale, Roger

                  Debates etc.

    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations (20.06.02) 420

    Copyright (Visually Impaired Persons) Bill, 3R (21.06.02) 575-7

    Developing countries, Poverty (19.06.02) 286, 288

    Employee Share Schemes Bill, Rep and 3R (21.06.02) 523-5

    European Communities (18.06.02) 166, 169-70, 174, 197-8

    Export Control Bill, Lords amendts (24.06.02) 656-7

    Tax Credits Bill, Lords amendts (26.06.02) 902, 908-9


    EC Finance Council 1050-1w

    Mental health services 136-7

    Zimbabwe 725-6

Cash, Mr William

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Political parties, Finance (26.06.02) 266wh, 270-1wh, 274wh, 278-80wh

Castle Point

    Homelessness 121-2w, 1033-4w


    Police stations 63w



    Conservation 610

    Repairs and maintenance 650w

Caton, Mr Martin


    Post offices, Information services 345w


    Animal breeding 908w


    Animal products 924-5w

Cawsey, Mr Ian


    Common agricultural policy, Reform 948

Cellular phone masts

    see Aerials
Cellular phones

    Unfair practices 187w



Central Africa

Central Asia

    Diplomatic relations 400w

Central Europe

Central Railway

Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine

Cervical cancer

    Screening 721-2w

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