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Race relations

    Mass media 644-5w

Racial discrimination

Racial violence

Radiation exposure

    Channel Islands 799w

    Medical treatments 855-6w


Radio frequencies


Radioactive materials

    Security 791-2w

Radioactive Substances Act 1993


Radioactive wastes


    Royal Shrewsbury Hospital 974w

RAF St Athan


Rail Regulator

    see Office of the Rail Regulator


    Finance 179w, 668-9w, 768-9w

    Ministerial statements (27.06.02) 971-89

    Railway stations 767-8w

Railway Industry Advisory Committee

    Public appointments 182w

Railway Inspectorate

    Public appointments 181w

Railway network

Railway Safety

Railway stations

    Disabled 883-4w

    Railtrack 767-8w

Railway track


    Dept for Transport 978w

    Finance 881-2w

    Industrial injuries 669w

    National insurance contributions 581w

    Repairs and maintenance 179-82w, 512w

    Safety 70-1w, 180-1w, 275-6, 659-62w

    South East region 977w

    South West region 667w

    Training 39w, 182-3w

Rammell, Mr Bill

                  Debates etc.

    Seville Summit (EC) (24.06.02) 621


    Business questions 967

Randall, Mr John


    Electronic equipment, Waste disposal 944

Rapid reaction forces

    EC countries 1035-6w

    International cooperation 38w

Rapid transit systems

    507-10w, 573-6w, 771w, 878-9w

Ravenscroft Nursing Home Yelverton

Raynsford, Rt Hon Nick, Minister for Local Government, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


    Absent voting 944-5w

    Cheltenham Borough Council, Elections 629-30w

    Cornish language 124-5w, 308w

    Councillors' interests 123w

    Fire engines 81w

    Fire Health and Safety Directorate 629w

    Fire services, Females 489-90w

    Fire services, Finance 626-8w

    Fire services, Manpower 416-8w

    Fire services, Pay 929w, 1031-2w

    Government offices for the regions 1034w

    Housing revenue accounts, Newcastle upon Tyne 416w

    Hunting, Graffiti 493w

    Local authorities, Electronic government 417-8w

    Local authorities, Internet 815w

    Local authorities, Wood 629w

    Local government, Codes of practice 124w

    Local government, Elections 308w

    Local government, North West region 1034w

    Local Government Bill (Draft), Internet 817-8w

    Local government executive, Leicester 817w

    Local government executive, Referendums 810-1w

    Local government finance, Fareham 816w

    Local government finance, Lincolnshire 419w

    North East Regional Assembly, Expenditure 818w

    Parish councils, Codes of practice 308w, 628-9w

    Parish councils, Local government finance 414w

    Public buildings 627-8w

    Public expenditure, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 776w

    Regional assemblies, Sustainable development 418w

    Regional development agencies 493w

    Regional government, Finance 126w

    Shops, Repairs and maintenance 124w

    Travel, Concessions 817w

    Voting methods, Herefordshire 492w

    Wales, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 811-2w

    Wycombe, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 81w


    Teaching methods 303-4w

Reciprocal arrangements

    Social security benefits 1060-1w

Recreation spaces

    Greater Manchester (26.06.02) 299-306wh


    Air force 6-7

    Clergy 604-5

    Dept of Health 246-7w

    Northern Ireland Office 64w

    Special constables 616-7w


    Packaging 940-2

Red Arrows


    Higher education 18w

Redundancy Payments (Continuation of Employment in Local Government Etc) (Modification) Order 1999



Redundant churches

Redwood, Rt Hon John

                  Debates etc.

    Enterprise Bill, Rep and 3R (17.06.02) 108, 114-20

    Seville Summit (EC) (24.06.02) 618

    Zimbabwe (25.06.02) 814


    Arms trade, India 687w, 888-9w

    Consignia, Company accounts 593w

    Consignia, Directors 986w

    Network Rail, Finance 513w

    Railtrack, Finance 179w

    Railways, Repairs and maintenance 512w

    Strategic Rail Authority, Finance 513w

Reed, Mr Andy


    Astute class submarines 904w

    Clergy, Recruitment 605

    Hospices, Finance 141


    Economic and monetary union 650w

    Local government executive 810-1w


    Waste disposal 52-3w, 754w, 953-4, 997-8w


    see Asylum





Regional assemblies

    Sustainable development 418w

Regional development agencies

Regional government

    North East region 126w

Regional planning and development

Regulation of Child Care Providers Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    2R order read (21.06.02) 583

Regulation of Investigatory Powers (Maintenance of Interception Capability) Order 2002

                  Debates etc.

    (25.06.02) 849-50

Regulatory impact assessments

    Dept of Trade and Industry 32w


    Industrial injuries 664-5w

    Prisoners 968-9w

Reid, Rt Hon Dr John, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland


    Independent Assessor of Military Complaints Procedures, Annual reports 396-7w

    Northern Ireland Forensic Science Agency 1038w

    Parades Commission, Annual reports 698w

    Police Service of Northern Ireland, Annual reports 1038w

    Recruitment, Northern Ireland Office 64w

    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 1037-8w


Religious broadcasting

    Licensing 273-4w

Religious freedom

    Bhutan 1025-6w



    Consultants 290-2w

Rendel, Mr David

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Education, Assessments (19.06.02) 70wh, 79-82wh, 84wh


    Architecture, Self-regulation 126w

    Higher education, Student numbers 822w

    Medicine, Student numbers 671w

    Ministry of Defence Police, AWE Aldermaston 1-2

    Students, Fees and charges 17-8w

    Taxation, Self-assessment 136w

Renewable energy

    Holsworthy 919-20w

Renewables Advisory Board

Renewables UK

Rented housing

    Private sector 814-6w

Republic of Ireland

    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 587-8w

    Dept for Education and Skills 369w

    Dept of Health 860-1w

    Foreign and Commonwealth Office 533-4w

Rescue services

Reserve forces


    Armed forces 195-7w

    Devon and Cornwall Constabulary 117-8w

Respiratory syncytial virus

    South East region 256-7w

Respite care

Retail trade

    Climate change levy 139w

"Review of the Blue Badge Scheme"


    Chiropody 733w, 1077-8w

    Oil and Pipelines Agency 904w

Reykjavik Summit

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