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    Developing countries 992w

Vaccination of Children (Parental Choice) Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    2R order read (21.06.02) 583


Vale of York

    Foot and mouth disease 915w


    Millennium Exhibition 817w



    Churches 605-6

    Listed buildings 707w

    Postal services 765w

    Voucher schemes 760w

VAT exemptions

Vaz, Mr Keith

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (18.06.02) 167, 176-7, 202, 205, 214-20

    Seville Summit (EC) (24.06.02) 626


    Ambassadors for British business 637w

    Armed forces, Deployment 203w

    Aznar, Jose Maria 799w

    Bank of Credit and Commerce International, Bank of England 128w

    British Telecom 347w

    Children, Kidnapping 530w

    Commission for Racial Equality 284w

    EC enlargement 635-6w, 704w, 717-8w

    Entry clearances 398-9w, 636w

    Ethnic groups, Lord Chancellor's Dept 99-100w

    Immigration, Appeals 105w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Complaints 105w

    Immigration and Nationality Directorate, Finance 842w

    Indian subcontinent, Entry clearances 788w

    Indian subcontinent, Immigration officers 399w

    International Monetary Fund 1054w

    Joint Entry Clearance Unit, Manpower 398w

    Judges, Complaints 948-9w

    Local government executive, Leicester 817w

    Local government executive, Referendums 810-1w

    Members, Correspondence 697w

    Nurses, Foreign workers 857w

    Office of UK Permanent Representative to EC, Manpower 636w

    Official hospitality, Lord Chancellor's Dept 711w

    Official visits, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 296w

    Out of town shopping centres, Planning permission 715w

    Overseas students, Student numbers 356-60w

    Peru 783-4w

    Police, Ethnic groups 618w

    Public appointments, Prime Minister 718w

    Public appointments, Treasury 460w

    Schools, Dept for Education and Skills 303w

    Schools, Leicestershire 16w

    Surgery, Leicester 261w

    Teachers, Ethnic groups 302w

    Transplant surgery 857w

    Visits abroad, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 931w

    Visits abroad, Treasury 1054w

Vehicle number plates

Vehicular Access Across Common Land (England) Regulations 2002

                  Debates etc.

    (25.06.02) 849-50

Venture capital

Veterinary medicine

    Research 206-8w


    Educational institutions 1041w

    General practitioners 238w

Victim support schemes


Victim's Charter


Video piracy


Video recordings

Viggers, Mr Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Mental health (25.06.02) 769, 787-8


    Haslar Prison, Asylum 105-6w

    Kashmir, Foreign relations 779w


    Video recordings 967w

Voluntary organisations

    Financial Services Compensation Scheme 130w

Voluntary schools

Voluntary work

    Dept for Work and Pensions 937-8w

Voting methods


Voting rights

Voucher schemes

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