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Whipps Cross Hospital

    Infectious diseases 1080w

White, Brian

                  Debates etc.

    House of Lords Reform Joint Select Committee (19.06.02) 343

Whitehead, Dr Alan, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Political parties, Finance (26.06.02) 269-72wh

Whittingdale, Mr John

                  Debates etc.


    Fisheries, Compensation 991-2w

    Gold and foreign exchange reserves, Sales 706w

    VAT, Postal services 793w

Wicks, Malcolm, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Work and Pensions

                  Debates etc.

    Fisher Foods (20.06.02) 513-6

    Housing benefit, Disabled (24.06.02) 716-20


    Child benefit, Truancy 406w

    Child Support Agency, Correspondence 291w

    Children, Maintenance 676w

    Equal opportunities, Dept for Work and Pensions 82-3w

    Fraud, Dept for Work and Pensions 95w

    Housing benefit, Medway 943-5w

    Jobseeker's allowance 1063w

    Means tested benefits 83w

    Social security benefits, Automated credit transfer 501w, 1058w

    Social security benefits, Expenditure 940w

    Social security benefits, Patients 288-9w

    Social security benefits, Polygamy 941w

    Social security benefits, Post offices 83w, 289w

    Social security benefits, Reciprocal arrangements 1062-3w

    Social security benefits, Scotland 290w

    Social security benefits, Widowed people 1061w

    Social Security Benefits Agency 87w

    Wood, Dept for Work and Pensions 97w

    Working families tax credit 1058-9w

Widdecombe, Rt Hon Ann


Widowed people

    Social security benefits 1061w

Wiggin, Mr Bill

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (18.06.02) 178, 225, 228


    Bovine tuberculosis, Wales 264-5

    Exservicemen, Sri Lanka 42-3w

    Railways, Manchester 886w



Wilkinson, Mr John


    Afghanistan, Peace keeping operations 34w

    Future large aircraft 8

Willetts, Mr David


    Advertising, Dept for Work and Pensions 85w

    Child dependency additions 86-7w

    European Year of People with Disabilities 2003 408-9w

    Marginal tax rates 585w

    Social rented housing, Lone parents 932w

    Social security benefits, Abuse 675w

    Social security benefits, Polygamy 941w

    State retirement pensions 407w

    Vaccination, Compensation 677w

    Welfare tax credits 946w

    Winter fuel payments, Advertising 675w

    Working families tax credit 1058-9w

    Working families tax credit, Abuse 763w

    Written questions, Dept for Work and Pensions 96w

Williams, Rt Hon Alan


    Taxation, Royal family 391w

Williams, Mrs Betty


    Poverty, Developing countries 451w

    Southern Africa, Famine 872w

Williams, Hywel

                  Debates etc.

    Tax Credits Bill, Lords amendts (26.06.02) 902-3


    Exservicemen, Radiation exposure 1037w

    Small businesses, Industrial health and safety 665-6w

Williams, Mr Roger


    Common agricultural policy, Reform 948

Willis, Mr Phil

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Asylum, Languages 624w

    Children in care, Education 353w

    Children in care, Educational maintenance allowance 356w

    Children in care, Pupil exclusions 909w

    Children in care, Special education 977w

    Children in care, Truancy 831w

    Contracts, Dept for Education and Skills 830w

    Educational institutions, Governing bodies 301-2w

    Educational institutions, Public appointments 831w

    Further education, Greater London 823w

    Institutional care, Income support 1085-6w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Dept for Education and Skills 831w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 638w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Prime Minister 332w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Scotland Office 536w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Treasury 461w

    Ordnance Survey, Contracts 514w

    Pupils, Personal records 353w

Wills, Michael

Wilshire, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    European Communities (18.06.02) 159

Wilson, Mr Brian, Minister of State for Industry and Energy, Dept of Trade and Industry

                  Debates etc.


    British Nuclear Fuels, Political parties 32w

    British Nuclear Fuels, Public appointments 795w

    Compensation Recovery Unit 501w

    Construction, Contracts 21-2w

    Electricity, Prices 894w

    Electricity, Scotland 993w

    Electricity generation, Markets 895w

    Energy, Consumption 686w

    Foreign companies, Scotland 683w

    International Atomic Energy Agency, Public appointments 892w

    Liability Management Unit 348w

    Members, Correspondence 348w

    North Sea oil, Taxation 23w

    Nuclear power stations, Security 892-3w

    Office for Civil Nuclear Security, Public appointments 990w

    Offshore industry, Scotland 23w

    Oil and Gas Directorate 346-7w

    Radioactive materials, Japan 893w

    Radioactive materials, Security 794w

    Radioactive wastes, Russia 796-7w

    Radioactive wastes, Sellafield 990w

    Renewables Advisory Board 796w

    Renewables UK 22w

    Small businesses, Architecture 684-5w

    Sustainable development 26-7w

    Utilities, Regulation 467w

    Waste disposal, Tyres 24-5w


Wind power

Winnick, David

                  Debates etc.

    Enterprise Bill, Rep and 3R (17.06.02) 120-1

    House of Lords Reform Joint Select Committee (19.06.02) 373

    Seville Summit (EC) (24.06.02) 617-8


    Members, Correspondence 568w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 742

    Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, Working hours 2w

Winter fuel payments

Winterton, Ann


Winterton, Sir Nicholas

                  Debates etc.

    Zimbabwe (25.06.02) 815


    Agriculture, Wales 326w

Winterton, Ms Rosie, Parliamentary Secretary, Lord Chancellor's Dept

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Political parties, Finance (26.06.02) 280-1wh


    Advertising, Lord Chancellor's Dept 615w

    Austin, Patricia 99w

    Children, Kidnapping 530w

    Discrimination, Lord Chancellor's Dept 100w

    Ethnic groups, Lord Chancellor's Dept 99-100w

    Immigration Appellate Authorities 1066w

    Judicial review, Asylum 428w

    Judiciary, Ethnic groups 712-4w

    Judiciary, Vacancies 712w

    King Edward VIII, Public records 710-1w

    Legal aid, Asylum 530w

    Manpower, Lord Chancellor's Dept 615w

    Official hospitality, Lord Chancellor's Dept 713w

    Powers of attorney, Fees and charges 530w

    Public Guardianship Office, Standards 427w

    Royal prerogative, Lord Chancellor's Dept 837w

    Social clubs, Strelley 615w

    Solicitors, Legal aid scheme 530w

    Written questions, Lord Chancellor's Dept 100w

Wishart, Pete

                  Debates etc.

    Food, Registration (18.06.02) 251

    House of Lords Reform Joint Select Committee (19.06.02) 339

    Railtrack, Finance (27.06.02) 982

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    East coast railway line (26.06.02) 284wh


    Business questions 964

    Office of Communications, Scotland 593-4

    Press releases, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 385w

    Press releases, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 411-2w

    Press releases, Dept for Work and Pensions 92w, 291-2w

    Press releases, Home Office 280-1w

    Press releases, Northern Ireland Office 702w

    Public relations, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 412w

    Public relations, Dept for Work and Pensions 97w

    Public relations, Northern Ireland Office 65w


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