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Habitual offenders

Habitual residence test


Hain, Rt Hon Peter, Minister for Europe, Foreign and Commonwealth Office

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    European Communities, Democracy (09.07.02) 211-8wh


    Arrest warrants, EC action 1019w

    Council of Ministers 40-2w

    Eastern Europe, EC enlargement 44w

    EC budget, EC enlargement 275w

    EC institutions, Information services 1021w

    EC law, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 270w

    European Council, Broadcasting 1021-2w

    European Council, Seville Summit (EC) 273w

    European Parliament, Inquiries 38w

    Gibraltar, Military bases 1019w

    Gibraltar, Pensions 1020w

    Romania, International assistance 393w

    Turkey, Human rights 273w

Halcrow Group

    Dept for Transport 667w

    Fees and charges 463w

Hall, Patrick

                  Debates etc.

    Further education, Petitions (02.07.02) 198


    Yarls Wood Detention Centre 267w

Hamilton, David

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Small businesses, Training 1022-3

Hammond, Mr Philip

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Broadband, Rural areas 1030


    Dept for Education and Skills 235w

Hancock, Mr Mike


    Bosnia, Peace keeping operations 1181-2w

    Business questions 1050

    Canberra aircraft 852w

    Climate change levy, Portsmouth 284w

    Colleges of education, Greater London 830w

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Portsmouth 576w

    Defence equipment, Surveillance 946w

    Dental services, Portsmouth 574-5w

    Drugs, Portsmouth 896w

    Fertility, Medical treatments 307w

    Further education, Portsmouth 241-3w

    General practitioners, Portsmouth 1039w

    Habitual residence test, Portsmouth 1009-10w

    Hazardous substances, Portsmouth 601w

    Learndirect centres, Portsmouth 19w

    Medical treatments, EC countries 1044w

    Mental patients, Suicide 1283w

    Meteor missiles 30w

    Modern apprenticeships, Portsmouth 19-20w

    NHS, Negligence 307w

    NHS, Private finance initiative 1035w

    NHS Direct, Portsmouth 448w

    Nurses, Recruitment 781w

    Orphan drugs, Portsmouth 577w

    Post offices, Portsmouth 1083w

    Poverty, Children 764w

    Property, Ministry of Defence 852w

    Public protection panels 426w

    Queen Alexandra Hospital, Private finance initiative 1204w

    Tax evasion, Prosecutions 287-8w

    Teachers, Vacancies 490w

    Television, Licensing 258w

Harbour authorities

Harman, Rt Hon Harriet, Solicitor-General


    Criminal proceedings 947w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Fees and charges 328w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Information technology 627w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Manpower 328w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Public appointments 1238-9w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Standards 22w, 329w

    Domestic violence, Prosecutions 1255w

    Rape, Prosecutions 627w

    Trials, Witnesses 946w

Harrier aircraft

Harris, Dr Evan

                  Debates etc.

    Vaccination, Animal products (05.07.02) 541-2


    Audit Commission 295w

    Cancer, Waiting lists 152w

    Dental services, Manpower 572-4w

    Doctors, Disciplinary proceedings 1209-10w

    General practitioners, Working hours 293w

    Health services, Homelessness 1202-3w

    Medicine, Education 386-7

    Primary care trusts 1041w

    Social rented housing 332w

Harris, Mr Tom

                  Debates etc.

    Care homes (08.07.02) 664


    Credit unions, Scotland 834w

    Departmental responsibilities 624w

    Devolution, Scotland 733

    Organised crime, Northern Ireland 870-1

Harvey, Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Elderly, Devon (02.07.02) 203


    Arts Council of England, Consultants 1190w

Hawk aircraft

Hawkins, Mr Nick

                  Debates etc.

    Ministerial statement intervention (10.07.02) 898

    Police Reform Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (10.07.02) 960, 971

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Prisoners, Females (10.07.02) 255-7wh


    Passports, Fraud 746w

Hayes, Mr John


    Arrest warrants, EC action 1019w

    Convention on the Future of Europe 1183w

    EC institutions, Information services 1021w

    Fishing vessels, Accidents 973-4w

    Town twinning, EC action 1153w

Hazardous substances

Heald, Mr Oliver

                  Debates etc.

    Vaccination, Animal products (05.07.02) 538-9

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Sikhs (03.07.02) 73wh


    Beta-interferon, Hertfordshire 1260w

    Community health services 1278w

    Connexions Service 726w

    Day centres, Females 787w

    Drugs, Dictionaries 1276w

    English Sports Council, Football 633w

    Football, Television 633w

    Haemophilia, Medical treatments 1045w

    Health services, Sleeping rough 930w

    Heart diseases, Consultants 1047-8w

    Information technology, Dept of Health 1274-5w

    Medical records, Information technology 1280-1w

    Mental health, Children 579w

    Mental health, Children in care 1214w

    Mental health, Durham County 1210w

    Mental health, Publicity 1212w

    "Mental Health Bill Consultation Paper" 930w

    Mental health services, Ethnic groups 1211w

    Mental health services, Manpower 1212w

    Mental health services, Nurses 1210-1w

    Mental health services, Publicity 1212w

    Mental health services, Recruitment 783w, 1282w

    Mental health services, Training 1211-2w

    Mental health services, Young offenders 453w

    Mental hospitals, Admissions 787w

    Mental patients, Hospital wards 1281-2w

    Mental patients, Out of area treatment 1214w

    Mentally ill, Guardianship 1213w

    Mentally ill, Prescriptions 927-8w

    National Institute for Mental Health, Finance 1212w

    NHS, Conditions of employment 1046w

    NHS, Foreign workers 1215w

    NHS, Information technology 1275w

    NHS, National vocational qualifications 1215w

    NHS, Per capita costs 1215w

    NHS, Private sector 1277w

    Nurses, Consultants 1048w

    Nurses, Foreign workers 1215w

    Primary care trusts 1216w

    Procurement, Dept of Health 1277-8w

    Psychiatry, Manpower 1282w

    Psychiatry, Recruitment 1282w

    Rampton Hospital 930w

    Schizophrenia, Drugs 1222w

    Sports, Ethnic groups 664w

    Sports, Obesity 972w

    Teaching hospitals, Hertfordshire 1045w

Healey, John, Economic Secretary, Treasury

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    VAT, Home care services (09.07.02) 237-42wh


    Aggregates levy 865w

    Climate change levy, Manufacturing industries 1104w

    Climate change levy, Portsmouth 284w

    Climate change levy, Tax yields 865w

    Confiscation orders 1034w

    Customs officers, Manpower 1033w

    EC action, Treasury 122w

    Education, Developing countries 253w

    Fuels, Excise duties 204w

    Green Ministers Committee, Treasury 338-9w

    Members, Correspondence 1033w

    Oral questions, Treasury 284w

    Public expenditure 116w

    Recycling, Treasury 630w

    Refrigerators, Export controls 115w

    Tax allowances, Pollution control 289w

    VAT, Community care 1106w

    VAT, Fire prevention 1031w

    VAT, New businesses 338w


Health action zones

Health (Air Travellers) (No 2) Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    1R (08.07.02) 608

Health Development Agency

Health education

Health hazards

Health insurance

Health professions

Health Professions Council

Health services

    Hearing impaired 156w

    Reciprocal arrangements 294w

Hearing aids

Hearing impaired

    Health services 156w

Heart diseases

Heath, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Finance Bill, Rep (03.07.02) 357-60

    Public Trustee (Liability and Fees) Bill (HL), 2R (01.07.02) 43, 45-7, 50, 53


    Crisis loans 17

    Magistrates' courts, Rural areas 736-7

Heathcoat-Amory, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Group of Eight, Kananaskis Summit (01.07.02) 34


    Parish councils 216

Heathrow Airport


Hemswell Cliff

Hendrick, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.


    Smuggling, Northern Ireland 966-7w

Hendry, Mr Charles


    Antisocial behaviour orders 184-5w

    Asylum, Mayfield College 1062w

    Cricket, Television 663w

    Food, Additives 578w

    Lewes-Tunbridge Wells railway line 810w

    Secondary education, Finance 996w


Hepburn, Mr Stephen


    New deal for disabled people 4

    Students, North East region 723-4w

    Urban Green Spaces Task Force 684w

Herbal medicine


    Environment Agency Wales 589w

Hermon, Lady

                  Debates etc.

    Drugs, Misuse (10.07.02) 895-6

    Police Reform Bill (HL), Programme motion and Rep (09.07.02) 781, 785, 801, 805

    Police Reform Bill (HL), Programme motion, Rep and 3R (10.07.02) 970, 974, 994-6

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Northern Ireland government (10.07.02) 267-8wh


    Electoral register, Northern Ireland 967w

    Voluntary organisations, Northern Ireland 873



    Regional government 333w

Hesford, Stephen

                  Debates etc.


    Administration of justice, Mentally incapacitated 836w

    Bill of Rights, Northern Ireland 536-7w

    Nuisance, Young people 1057w

Hewitt, Rt Hon Ms Patricia, Secretary of State for Trade and Industry


    Arms trade, Export controls 1242-3w

    Arms trade, India 278w

    Arms trade, Israel 677w

    Carlton House Terrace, Dept of Trade and Industry 1092w

    Coal fired power stations 128-9w

    Employment Relations Act 1999, Dept of Trade and Industry 614w

    Energy, Export credit guarantees 466-8w

    Equal pay, Dept of Trade and Industry 476w

    Equal pay, Financial services 1099w

    European Energy and Transport Forum 132w

    Export credit guarantees 468w

    Export credit guarantees, Iran 1091w

    Fair trade initiative 466w

    Females, Regional assemblies 1099w

    Females, Social clubs 507w

    Flexible working, Business 1098w

    Flexible working, Higher civil servants 1098w

    Foreign investment in UK 938-9w

    Grants, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 277w

    Holiday leave, Dept of Trade and Industry 476w

    Industrial relations 1109w

    Industry, Government assistance 472w, 673w

    Innovation, Eastern region 1093w

    Intellectual property, Developing countries 1091w

    Manpower, Dept of Trade and Industry 1090w

    Massey Ferguson, Coventry 613-4w

    Oral questions, Dept of Trade and Industry 1246w

    Overseas companies, Western Sahara 277w

    Overseas trade, Sustainable development 1088w

    Post offices, Closures 1082w

    Post offices, Portsmouth 1083w

    Postal services, Rural areas 1082-3w

    Regional development agencies, Public appointments 674-7w

    Support for exhibitions and seminars abroad scheme 276w

    Telephone exchanges, Essex 129w

    Telephone services, Dept of Trade and Industry 1092w

    Trade, Agricultural products 1024-6

    Trade, Developing countries 1094w

    Trade Partners UK 470w

    Wales, Dept of Trade and Industry 1245w

    Work sharing, Dept of Trade and Industry 130w

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