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McCabe, Mr Stephen

                  Debates etc.

    Care homes (08.07.02) 666, 670


    Local government finance 213

    Secondary education, Birmingham 482-3w

McCartney, Rt Hon Ian, Minister for Pensions, Department for Work and Pensions

                  Debates etc.

    Pensions, Points of order (10.07.02) 903-4


    Computers, Dept for Work and Pensions 510w

    Elderly, Better government programme 1146w

    Elderly, Poverty 859w

    Elderly, Public appointments 762w

    Holiday leave, Dept for Work and Pensions 422w

    National insurance contributions 98w

    National Pensioners' Convention 420w, 763w

    Occupational pensions 12-7

    Pay, Dept for Work and Pensions 1144-5w

    Pension Service, Standards 85-6w

    Pensions, Early retirement 281-2w

    Pensions, Foster care 280w

    Retirement, Age 863w

    Standards, Dept for Work and Pensions 863-4w

    State earnings related pension scheme 761w

    State retirement pensions, Scotland 759-61w

    Training, Dept for Work and Pensions 420-1w

    Wales, Dept for Work and Pensions 281w

McDonagh, Ms Siobhain

                  Debates etc.

    Hospitals, Petitions (04.07.02) 504


    Public Record Office, Census 835-6w

McDonnell, John

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Members, Points of order (03.07.02) 93-4wh

    Trade unions (03.07.02) 95wh


    Equatorial Guinea, Human rights 272w

    Prisons, Insurance 437w


    NATO enlargement 814w

    Peace keeping operations 230w

McFall, Mr John

                  Debates etc.

McGrady, Mr Eddie


    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 648w

McGuire, Mrs Anne, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Scotland Office

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Common fisheries policy, Scotland 833-4w

    Confiscation orders, Scotland 833w

    Consumers, Scotland 1187w

    Credit unions, Scotland 834w

    Manufacturing industries, Scotland 834w

    Mental health services, Training 1187w

    Minimum wage, Scotland 831w

    Postal services, Scotland 725-7

    Waverley railway line 832w

McIntosh, Miss Anne


    Asylum, Resettlement 603

    BBC External Services, Finance 275w, 583w

    Beta-interferon, North Yorkshire 305-6w

    Channel tunnel, Freight 882

    Channel tunnel, Illegal immigrants 102w

    Channel tunnel, Security 221-2w

    Devolution, Scotland 733-4

    Jobcentre Plus 12

    Mentally ill, Prescription drugs 1283w

    National Lottery, Licensing 316w

    Railways, Safety 811w

    Times of sittings 841w

    Weapons, Northern Ireland 962w

    York-Penzance railway line, Standards 667-8w

McIsaac, Shona

                  Debates etc.

    Identity cards (03.07.02) 239-40


    Investors in people 22w

    "Review of English National Park Authorities" 1238w

MacKay, Rt Hon Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Group of Eight, Kananaskis Summit (01.07.02) 38

    Identity cards (03.07.02) 235

    Parliamentary privilege, Points of order (01.07.02) 39


McKechin, Ann


    Asylum, Scotland 731w

    Benefit Fraud Inspectorate 858w

    Minimum wage, Scotland 831w

McKenna, Mrs Rosemary

                  Debates etc.

    Gambling (05.07.02) 554-6


    Convention on the Future of Europe, Scotland 727

Mackinlay, Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Gibraltar, Spain (12.07.02) 1177

    Intelligence services (11.07.02) 1113


    Criminal injuries compensation scheme, Children 182-3w

    Gibraltar, Pensions 1020w

Maclean, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Pensions (02.07.02) 188

McLoughlin, Mr Patrick

                  Debates etc.

    Care homes (08.07.02) 669, 708

    Pensions (02.07.02) 92, 107

    Vaccination, Animal products (05.07.02) 545-6


    Ambulances, Accidents 1264w

    Learndirect centres, Derbyshire 828w

    Primary education, Derbyshire 1168-9w

    Schools, Admissions 377

McNamara, Mr Kevin

                  Debates etc.

    Intelligence services (11.07.02) 1117-20

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Northern Ireland government (10.07.02) 265-8wh


    Armed forces, Death 852w

    Devolution, Northern Ireland Office 648w

    Operating costs, Northern Ireland Office 730w

    Primary care trusts, NHS trusts 1036w

    Rheumatology, Paediatrics 621w

McNulty, Mr Tony, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

                  Debates etc.

    Vacant land, Billericay (12.07.02) 1221-4

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Travelling people, Kent (03.07.02) 136-40wh


    Asylum, Throckmorton airfield 1148w

    Bed and breakfast accommodation, Children 336w

    Bed and breakfast accommodation, Greater London 890w

    Children in care 888w

    Council housing, Construction 1155w

    Council housing, Standards 1003w

    Disadvantaged, Expenditure 1153w

    Dredging, Ceredigion 1131w

    Dredging, Monmouthshire 1131w

    East London river crossing 883-4w

    EC action, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 998-9w

    English Heritage 256w

    Heathrow Airport, Planning permission 999-1000w

    Homelessness, Children in care 196w

    Homelessness, Rural areas 880-1w

    Homelessness, South West region 879-80w

    Homelessness, Young people 682w

    Housing, Construction 1156w

    Housing, Derelict land 646w

    Housing, Elderly 561w

    Housing, Empty property 1154w

    Housing, Expenditure 882w

    Housing, Lancashire 888w

    Housing, Low incomes 335w

    Housing, South West region 884-5w

    Housing benefit, Complaints 466w

    Housing Corporation, Greater London 1149-50w

    Housing improvement 563w

    Millennium Exhibition, Property development 1007w

    Norwich Airport 644w

    Out of town shopping centres, Planning permission 1000w

    Planning, Advisory services 335w

    Planning, Fees and charges 1151w

    "Planning Delivering a Fundamental Change Consultation Paper" 168-9w

    Property development 885w

    Public appointments, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 556-8w

    Quarrying, Sand 957w

    Refuges, Females 113w

    Regional planning and development 167-8w

    Rented housing, Evictions 1152w

    Single regeneration budget 560w

    Social housing grant 168w

    Social rented housing 332w

    Social rented housing, Planning permission 876w

    Social rented housing, Right to buy 562-3w

    Social rented housing, Young people 1148-9w

    Starter home initiative 887w

    Street warden scheme 1006w

    Urban areas, Ministerial policy advisors 1151w

    Urban Green Spaces Task Force 684w

    Wind power, Planning permission 167w

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