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Learndirect centres

Lee on Solent

    Rescue services 11w


    Working families tax credit 252-3w

Legal Services Commission

Leicestershire Police

Leicestershire Police Authority

    Public appointments 560w

Leigh, Mr Edward

                  Debates etc.

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents (22.07.02) 702


    Medical records, Data protection 688w

    National Audit Office, Business plans 979-80w


Lepper, Mr David


    Chronic fatigue syndrome 210-1w

    Corporate manslaughter 1505w

    Freedom of Information Act 2000, Government departments 272w

    Legal Services Commission, Computers 1299-300w

    Social security benefits, Disqualification 1025-6w

Leslie, Mr Christopher, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


    Air conditioning, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1002w

    Computers, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 244w

    Council tax, North West region 1216-8w

    Departmental responsibilities, Cabinet Office 1000w, 1002w

    Electronic equipment, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 235w

    Electronic voting, Finance 1016w

    Fire Service College, Disciplinary proceedings 18w

    Fire services, Government assistance 1015-6w

    Housing, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 640w

    Housing, Planning permission 1009w

    Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government 1205w

    Internet, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1219w

    Local government, Elections 83w

    Local government, Standards 241w

    Local government finance, Greater London 1204w

    Ministerial policy advisors, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1219w

    Ministers, Redundancy pay 1218w

    Orders and regulations, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 997w

    Parish councils, Codes of practice 1009w

    Parish councils, Resignations 1009w

    Press, Cabinet Office 1014w

    Press releases, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 640w

    Public expenditure, Cabinet Office 340w

    Regional planning and development, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 1204-6w

    Social services, Greater London 249w

    Social services, Standard spending assessments 48w

    Standard spending assessments 1000-1w


Letwin, Rt Hon Oliver

                  Debates etc.

    Criminal proceedings (17.07.02) 289-90


    Immobilisation of vehicles, Regulation 1473w

    Police Reform Bill and Implementation Unit 561w

    Shellfish, Licensing 310w

Lewis, Mr Ivan, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept for Education and Skills

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Lords amendts (15.07.02) 109, (24.07.02) 1027

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Apprentices, Finance 990w

    Computers, Dept for Education and Skills 651w

    Computers within reach programme 1367w

    Dyslexia, Hyperactivity 990w

    Educational institutions, Computer software 651-2w

    Grammar schools 189w

    Immigrants, Languages 684w

    Investors in people, Small businesses 993-4w

    Learndirect centres, Taunton 1351-2w

    Literacy, North West region 1346-7w

    National training organisations, Finance 648-52w

    Pupil referral units, North West region 1346w

    Schools, Transport 647w

    Sixth form colleges, Finance 987w

    Somerset College for Arts and Technology, Finance 1351w

    Training and enterprise councils, Manpower 1355-7w

    Vocational education, Morley 648w

Lewis, Dr Julian

                  Debates etc.

    Chinook helicopters, Accidents (22.07.02) 704

    Criminal Evidence (Prohibition of Sale) (No 2) Bill, 1R (16.07.02) 173

    Prime Minister (Office Role and Functions) (No 2) Bill, 1R (16.07.02) 173

    Private Members' bills, Points of order (18.07.02) 477, (19.07.02) 632, 634, 639


    Africa, AIDS 965

    Agriculture, Subsidies 300w

    Agriculture, Sustainable development 300w

    Crime, Wales 274

    Devolution, Wales 320w

    Food, Hospitals 200w

    Political parties, Finance 663

    Recruitment, Advocate General for Scotland 1233w

    Recruitment, Scotland Office 1226w

    Saudi Arabia, Terrorism 834-5

    Terrorism 10





    see Public libraries

Licensing laws

Liddell, Rt Hon Mrs Helen, Secretary of State for Scotland


    Advertising, Scotland Office 382w

    Aggregates levy, Scotland 1228w

    Airports, Scotland 983w

    Annual reports, Scotland Office 769w

    Basle Concordat, Scotland 76w

    Broadband, Scotland 76w

    Channel tunnel railway line, Scotland 982w

    Civil servants, Scotland Office 382w

    Computers, Scotland Office 768w

    Constituencies, Scotland 76-7w

    Consultation papers, Scotland Office 383w, 769w

    Crown Estate Commissioners, Scotland 274w

    EC law, Scotland Office 382w

    Electoral systems, Scotland 77w

    Equal opportunities, Scotland Office 768w

    Females, Scotland Office 983w

    Food Standards Agency, Scotland 1226w

    Gender impact assessment, Scotland Office 768w

    Grants, Scotland Office 767w

    Hewlett-Packard, Redundancy 983w

    Holiday leave, Scotland Office 382w

    Industrial tribunals, Scotland Office 1225w

    Information officers, Scotland Office 769w, 1226w

    Members' interests, Scotland Office 982w

    Minimum wage, Scotland 1228w

    New deal schemes, Scotland Office 980w

    Newspaper press, Scotland Office 1227w

    Non-departmental public bodies, Scotland Office 501w, 767w

    North Sea oil, Scotland 984w

    Offices, Scotland Office 980w

    Official hospitality, Scotland Office 1225-6w

    Operating costs, Scotland Office 1225w

    Orders and regulations, Scotland Office 382-3w

    Overtime, Scotland Office 767w

    Press releases, Scotland Office 981w

    Private finance initiative, Scotland Office 501w

    Property, Scotland Office 502w

    Public expenditure, Scotland 984w

    Publicity, Scotland Office 769w

    Recruitment, Scotland Office 1226w

    Regional assistance 502w

    Regulatory impact assessments, Scotland Office 274w

    Relocation services, Scotland Office 500w

    Republic of Ireland, Scotland Office 984w

    Scotland, Scotland Office 1230w

    Statistics, Scotland Office 768w

    Taxation, Offshore workers 1229w

    Telephone services, Scotland Office 768w

    Temporary employment, Scotland Office 1229w

    Training, Scotland Office 382w

    Wales, Scotland Office 982w

    Written questions, Scotland Office 1228w

Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian

                  Debates etc.

    Defence equipment, Procurement (17.07.02) 367-8, 371-4

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Ammunition, Procurement 20w

    Armed forces, Cadets 760w

    Cancer, Burnham on Sea 1422w

    Education, Agriculture 648w

    Environment protection, Curriculum 480w

    Hospitals, Rural areas 535w

    Local government, Elections 83w

    Military exercises, Quantocks 905w

    National Air Traffic Services 146w

    NHS, Recruitment 419w

    Pupil exclusions, Somerset 645w

    Pupils, Personal records 375w

    Railway stations, Repairs and maintenance 143w

    Regional airports, Wales 270-1

    Regional development agencies, Expenditure 791w

    Sports, Schools 691w

    Village halls, Construction 708-9w

    Warehouse parties, Southern region 401w

Lidington, Mr David

                  Debates etc.

    Foot and mouth disease, Inquiries (22.07.02) 673-6


    Asda, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 310w

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Sheep meat 428-9w

    Livestock, Transport 922w

    Livestock, Waste disposal 135w

    Pigmeat, Import controls 29-30w

    Sheep, Disease control 31w

Life imprisonment

    Sexual offences 832w

Life Sentence Review Commissioners

Light dues


Lilley, Rt Hon Peter

                  Debates etc.

    Criminal proceedings (17.07.02) 295-6


    Multiple occupation, Greater London 343w

    Social security benefits, Abuse 1556w

    Stocks and shares 64w

    Tax evasion, Personation 256w

Limitation of actions

Linton, Martin


    Political parties, Finance 662-4

    Social security benefits, Mortgages 1584w

Liquefied petroleum gas

Listed buildings


    Primary education 369w


    Double taxation 959w


Litter and Fouling of Land By Dogs (No 2) Bill 2001/02

                  Debates etc.

    2R order read (19.07.02) 638


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