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    Local government finance 1204w


    see Females


    Dept for Culture Media and Sport 407w

Wood, Mr Mike


    Malawi, Overseas aid 588w

Woodward, Mr Shaun


    Incapacity benefit, North West region 1567w

    Literacy, North West region 1346-7w

    Pupil referral units, North West region 1346w

    Social workers, Vacancies 1094w

    Teachers, North West region 1345-6w

    Young offender institutions, Human rights 1443w



    Mental health services 127w

Work permits

Working Age Agency

    see Jobcentre Plus

Working families tax credit

    Regulatory impact assessments 253w

Working hours

Working tax credit

Working Tax Credit (Entitlement and Maximum Rate) Regulations 2002

                  Debates etc.

World Bank

World Cup

World Health Organisation

World Summit on Sustainable Development


Wray, Mr James


    Armed forces, Psychiatry 754w

    Carbon dioxide, Pollution control 39w

    Defence Medical Services 753w

    Driving under influence, Cannabis 403-4w

    Duchess of Kent Military Hospital 754w

    Health education, Disabled 423w

    Inheritance tax 463w

    National childcare strategy 128w

    Police, Greater London 830w

    Young people, Advisory services 204w


Wright, Mr Anthony D


    Helicopters, Accidents 282

    National Lottery 973w

Wright, David

                  Debates etc.

    Education Bill, Lords amendts (15.07.02) 87

    Housing (18.07.02) 449


    Departmental responsibilities, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1081w

    Museums and galleries, West Midlands 657

    NHS trusts, Mergers 1087w

Wright, Tony

                  Debates etc.

    Public expenditure (15.07.02) 41-2


    Standards, Lord Chancellor's Dept 1293-9w

    Standards, Scotland Office 76w

    Standards, Solicitor-General 613-4w

Written questions

    Dept for International Development 292w

    Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 456w

    Dept for Work and Pensions 113-4w

Wyatt, Derek


    Children in care, Isle of Sheppey 123w

    Pre-school education, Special educational needs 995-6w

    Radio, Commercial broadcasting 655

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