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Cranston, Ross

                  Debates etc.

    Bali (15.10.02) 187


Credit unions


    Registration of births deaths and marriages 753w


    Ministry of Defence 541w

    Motorway service areas 756w

Crime prevention

Crimes of violence

Criminal Courts Review

Criminal injuries compensation

Criminal Justice and Court Services Act 2000


Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001


Criminal Justice System Information Technology

Criminal proceedings

    Ethnic groups 93w

Criminal Records Bureau


Crown Prosecution Service

    Racial discrimination 83w

Cultural heritage

Cunningham, Mr Jim

                  Debates etc.

    Defence (17.10.02) 497

    Post offices, Urban areas (15.10.02) 235


    Employment, Sexual harassment 168w

    Housing, Finance 461w

    Housing improvement, Planning permission 212w

    Manufacturing industries, Coventry 147w

    Prisoners, Rehabilitation 740-1w

    Prisons, Business 740w

Cunningham, Tony

                  Debates etc.

    GCE A level (15.10.02) 218


    Wind power, Planning permission 191w


Curry, Rt Hon David

                  Debates etc.

    Parliamentary procedure, Points of order (15.10.02) 224

Curtis-Thomas, Ms Claire

                  Debates etc.

    Iraq (24.09.02) 20

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall


    Criminal proceedings, Ethnic groups 93w

    Crown Prosecution Service 85-6w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Complaints 81-2w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Manpower 89w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Racial discrimination 83w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Standards 84w, 86-8w

    Crown Prosecution Service, Training 83-5w

    Witnesses, Intimidation 82-3w

    Young offenders, Administration of justice 83w

Customs and Excise

    Information technology 591w

"Customs and Excise Departmental Report 2002"



    Peace negotiations 227w

Cystic fibrosis

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