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Richmond upon Thames

    General practitioners 396w

Rideh, Mahmoud Abu

Right to buy scheme

River Avon

River Ouse


Road traffic

Road User Charging (Charges and Penalty Charging) (London) Regulations 2001

                  Debates etc.

Road User Charging (Enforcement and Adjudication) (London) Regulations 2001

                  Debates etc.


    South East region 712w

Robathan, Mr Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Post offices, Urban areas (15.10.02) 234, 236-42


    Housing, South East region 896w


Robertson, Angus

                  Debates etc.


    Arms trade, Ukraine 139w

    Azerbaijan, Pipelines 228w

    Bolivia, Health education 424w

    East Timor, Overseas aid 430w

    EC action, Dept for International Development 425-6w

    EC action, Scottish Executive 263-5w

    Nepal, HIV infection 414w

    Overseas aid, Health education 423-4w

    Palestinians, International assistance 427w

    Russian Family Planning Association, International assistance 422-4w

Robertson, Hugh

                  Debates etc.


    Agricultural Wages Board 314

Robertson, Mr Laurence


    Armed forces, Health services 540w

Robinson, Mrs Iris

                  Debates etc.

    Police, Northern Ireland (17.10.02) 573-8


    Terrorism, Northern Ireland 536w

Robinson, Mr Peter D

                  Debates etc.

    Northern Ireland government (15.10.02) 202

Roche, Mrs Barbara, Minister of State and Deputy Minister for Women, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister


    Community development 899w

    Local government, Standards 301

Roe, Mrs Marion


    Members, Correspondence 804w

Rolling stock

Rolls-Royce Nuclear

Rosindell, Mr Andrew

                  Debates etc.

    Defence (17.10.02) 538


    Gibraltar, Spain 228w

    Local government, Referendums 846w

    Police, Manpower 27w

Ross, Mr Ernie

                  Debates etc.

    Iraq (24.09.02) 85-7

Roy, Mr Frank


    Social security benefits, Abuse 637w

Royal Irish Regiment

Royal Mail

    Lost working days 185w

Royal prerogative

    Northern Ireland Office 220w

Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

    Government assistance 301w


Ruane, Chris

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Crime, Wales (15.10.02) 63-8wh


Ruddock, Joan

                  Debates etc.


    Organic farming 449

Ruffley, Mr David


    Local government, Standards 301

    State retirement pensions 884-5w

Rural areas

    Electronic government 731w

Russell, Bob

                  Debates etc.

    Defence (17.10.02) 501


    Accident and emergency departments, Brain 357-8w

    Citizenship, Curriculum 102-3w

    Criminal Records Bureau, Standards 22-3w

    Equitable Life Independent Inquiry 611w

    Healthy living centres 625w

    Magistrates' courts, Essex 628w

    Schools, Colchester 102w

    Schools, Finance 783w

    Telephone services, Prize money 691w


Russian Family Planning Association

    International assistance 422-4w



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