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Sierra Leone

    Administration of justice 231w

Sight impaired

    Public transport 703w

Simmonds, Mr Mark

                  Debates etc.

    Air ambulance services, Petitions (16.10.02) 432

    Rural areas (16.10.02) 404


    Common agricultural policy, Reform 917w

Simpson, Mr Alan

                  Debates etc.

    Divisions, Points of order (24.09.02) 154

    Iraq (24.09.02) 81-3


    Genetically modified organisms 497-8w

    Local government, Standards 301

    Military aircraft, Iraq 451-2w

    Nuclear weapons, Accidents 321-2w

    Radiation (Emergency Preparedness and Public Information) Regulations 2001 321-2w

    Radioactive materials, Transport 322w

    Rolls-Royce Nuclear, Derby 321-2w

Simpson, Mr Keith

                  Debates etc.

    Iraq (24.09.02) 142

Single sex education

Sittingbourne Football Club

Sixth form education

    Per capita costs 764w

    Student numbers 764w

Skin cancer

Skinner, Mr Dennis



Sleep apnoea

Sloan, Kevan


    Community development 895w

Small businesses

    Higher education 163w

    Postal services 186w


Smith, Rt Hon Andrew, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

                  Debates etc.

    Housing benefit, Ministerial statements (17.10.02) 478-91


    Social Security Advisory Committee 884w

Smith, Rt Hon Chris

                  Debates etc.

    Iraq (24.09.02) 64-5

Smith, Geraldine


    Meat, Smuggling 930w

Smith, Jacqui, Minister of State, Dept of Health


    Asthma, Children 825w

    Asthma, Health education 825-6w

    Autism, Voluntary organisations 345-6w

    Babies, Screening 374w

    Bereavement counselling, Parents 826w

    Brain, Injuries 826w

    Caesarean sections 507w

    Care homes, Fees and charges 479-81w

    Care homes, Greater London 384-6w

    Care homes, Huntingdon 797w

    Children in care, Education 798w

    Children in care, Medical treatments 388-9w

    Children in care, Social workers 889w

    Chronically sick, Employment 828w

    Community care, Finance 480w

    Community health services, Disability aids 501-2w

    Disability aids, Standards 383-4w

    General practitioners, Sunderland 804w

    Health Care Audit and Inspection Commission 389-90w

    Health services, Northern region 498-9w

    Hormone treatments 803w

    Industrial diseases, South Yorkshire 347w

    Lactose, Allergies 330w

    Learning disability, Greater London 485-6w

    Learning disability, Housing 393-4w

    Maternity services, Per capita costs 336w

    Members, Correspondence 521w

    Mental health review tribunals 390-1w

    Mental health services, Children 890-1w

    Mental health services, Hospital beds 473-4w

    Mental health services, Manpower 474-7w

    Mental health services, Technology 389w

    Mental health services, Training 888-9w

    Mental hospitals, Epsom 474w

    Mental patients, Acute beds 392w

    Muscular dystrophy, Statistics 361w

    National Care Standards Commission 494w

    NHS, Foreign workers 892w

    Older People's Taskforce 891w

    Oxleas NHS Trust, Mental health services 475w

    Personal Social Services Research Unit 394-5w

    Pregnancy complications 336-8w

    Prisoners, Mentally ill 389w

    Social services, Birmingham 334w

    Social services, Greater London 462-6w

    Social services, Haringey 798w

    Social services, Inspections 798w

    Social services, Manpower 889w

    Social workers, Foreign workers 892w

    Social workers, North West region 390w

    Social workers, Vacancies 364w

    Social workers, Vetting 888w

Smith, Llew

                  Debates etc.


    Armed forces, USA 549w

    Arms trade, USA 534w

    Business questions 477

    Coal fired power stations, Pollution control 191-2w

    Depleted uranium, USA 618w

    East Timor, Homicide 859w

    Japan, Radioactive materials 533w

    Liabilities Management Authority, Finance 612w

    Liabilities Management Authority, Nuclear safeguards 678w

    Liabilities Management Authority, Public appointments 678w

    Mixed oxide fuel, Belgium 551w

    Nuclear weapons 549w

    Nuclear weapons, Expenditure 549-50w

    Radioactive wastes, Contamination 677-8w



Smyth, Rev Martin

                  Debates etc.

    Bali (15.10.02) 190

    Iraq (24.09.02) 62-3

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