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Bhullar, Davinder Singh



    Dual use goods and technologies 420-1w



    European Capital of Culture 863

Birmingham Airport

Blair, Rt Hon Tony, Prime Minister, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister for the Civil Service

                  Debates etc.

    European Council, Ministerial statements (28.10.02) 541-57


    Accident and emergency departments 866

    Animal feed 80w

    Arts, Wales 268

    Cancer, Charities 864

    Children, Disadvantaged 860

    Common agricultural policy 865

    Convention on the Future of Europe 80w

    Economic and monetary union 863

    Exservicemen, Medals 80w

    Farmers, Income 868

    Fire services, Industrial disputes 262-7, 270

    Foot and mouth disease, Military aid 600-1w

    Green Ministers Committee 79w

    Hawk aircraft, India 601w

    Higher education, Finance 870

    History, Publications 602w

    Intelligence Services Commissioner, Annual reports 960w

    Interception of Communications Commission, Annual reports 960-1w

    Internet, Prime Minister 850-1w

    Iraq, Armed conflict 602w

    Members, Correspondence 489w

    Middle East, Peace negotiations 371-2w

    Ministerial duties, Males 602w

    Ministerial policy advisors 960w

    Northern Ireland government 271-2

    Nuisance, Fixed penalties 868

    Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, UK delegations 372w

    Personal savings 690w

    Royal prerogative 78w

    Russia, Radioactive materials 201w

    Students, Fees and charges 860-3

    Times of sittings 78w

    Victim support schemes 268-9

    Visits abroad, Prime Minister 851w

Blears, Ms Hazel, Parliamentary Secretary, Dept of Health

                  Debates etc.

    Hepatitis (22.10.02) 250-4

    Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill (HL), Rep and 3R (21.10.02) 55-9, 65-9, 90-2


    Acute beds, Kent 746w

    Adur Arun and Worthing Primary Care Trust, Executives 259w

    Adur Arun and Worthing Primary Care Trust, General practitioners 259-60w

    Alcohol and Drugs Advisory Service, Salisbury 668w

    Ashford and St Peter's Hospital NHS Trust, Finance 398-9w

    Blood transfusions 650w

    Breast cancer, Screening 398w

    Cancer, Children 405w

    Cancer, Consultants 658w

    Cancer, Terminal care 392w

    Environmental health officers, Manpower 740-1w

    Exeter Hospice, Finance 393w

    General practitioners, Greater London 259w

    General practitioners, South East region 259w

    Health Protection Agency 395w

    Health services, Surrey 398w

    Heart diseases, Health services 397w

    Heart diseases, Waiting lists 393w

    Hepatitis, Dental services 260-1w

    Hepatitis, Drugs 261w

    Hepatitis, Medical treatments 261-2w

    Hepatitis, Screening 262w

    Hospital beds, Salisbury 649w

    Hospitals, Waiting lists 671-2w

    Infectious diseases, Disease control 256w

    Kennet and North Wiltshire Primary Care Trust, Debts 676, 741w

    Leukaemia, Nuclear power stations 263w

    Mental health services, Salisbury 746w

    Mental health services, West Sussex 740w

    National Clinical Director for Primary Care, Worthing 395w

    North West Public Health Observatory 672-3

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Finance 662w

    Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust, Kidney patients 667w

    Primates, Infectious diseases 400w

    Prostate cancer 666w

    Radiotherapy, Medical equipment 405-8w

    Radiotherapy, Southampton 665w

    Terminal care, Training 665-6w

    Worthing and Southlands Hospitals NHS Trust, Surgery 268w


    see Sight impaired

Blizzard, Mr Bob


    General Service Medal, Suez 896-7w

    Hospitals, Consultants 670-1

Blood transfusions

Blunkett, Rt Hon David, Secretary of State for the Home Dept

                  Debates etc.

    Terrorism Act 2000 (Proscribed Organisations) (Amendment) Order (30.10.02) 875-9, 885, 892, 894-8


    Aviation, Passengers 230w

    EU Justice Home Affairs and Civil Protection Council 628-31w

    Terrorism, Civil defence 229w

Blunt, Mr Crispin

                  Debates etc.

    British Energy (22.10.02) 206


    Electricity 994

    Electronic equipment, Iran 247w

    Mining, Pensions 422w

    Research, EC action 422w

    Trade Partners UK 539w

    Trade Partners UK, Internet 425w

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