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Equal pay


Equitable Life Independent Inquiry



    Health services 831w

Ethnic groups

    Kidney patients 127w

EU Institute for Security Studies

EU Justice Home Affairs and Civil Protection Council


European Capital of Culture

European Central Bank

European Communities (Definition of Treaties) (Stabilisation and Association Agreement between the European Communities and their Member States and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) Order 2002

                  Debates etc.

European Convention on Human Rights

    Opposition days (28.10.02) 605-50

European Council

    Ministerial statements (28.10.02) 541-57

European fighter aircraft

European Parliament elections

European Year of People with Disabilities 2003


Evans, Mr Nigel


    Antisocial behaviour orders, Wales 854

    Crime, North West region 625-6w

    Drugs, Brixton 98w

    Fire services, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 700w

    Fire services, Dept for Environment Food and Rural Affairs 920w

    Fire services, Dept for International Development 560w

    Fire services, Dept of Trade and Industry 982w

    Fire services, Lord Chancellor's Dept 954w

    Fire services, Northern Ireland 513w

    Fire services, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 524-5w

    Fire services, Office of the Secretary of State for Wales 539w

    Fire services, Treasury 862w

    Millennium Exhibition, Expenditure 292w

    Millennium Exhibition, Operating costs 291-2w

    Ophthalmic services, Wales 857-8

    Teachers, Vetting 715w

    West coast railway line 783w

Ewing, Annabelle

                  Debates etc.


    Asylum, Scotland 760w

    Contracts, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 751w

    Detention centres, Non-domestic rates 412-4w

    Detention centres, Private finance initiative 413w

    Devolution, Scotland 113-4

    Disability living allowance 488w

    Dungavel Detention Centre 413w

    Manpower, Ministry of Defence 142w

    Minimum wage, Age 426w

    Princess Royal Barracks 437w

    Recruitment, Dept for Culture Media and Sport 886w

    Recruitment, Dept for International Development 473w

    Recruitment, Dept for Transport Local Government and the Regions 589-90w

    Recruitment, Dept of Trade and Industry 535w

    Recruitment, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 544w

    Recruitment, Ministry of Defence 676w

    Recruitment, Treasury 992w

    Small businesses, Closures 426w

    Social security benefits, Pensioners 487w

    Social security benefits, Post offices 14-5

Excise duties

    Petrol alternatives 218w


    Adur Arun and Worthing Primary Care Trust 259w

    Primary care trusts 507w


Exercise Saif Sareea 2

Exeter Hospice

Expert Panel on Education on Sustainable Development

    see Sustainable Development Education Expert Panel

Export Control Organisation

Export controls

Export credit guarantees



    Iraq-Kuwait conflict 704w

    Social security benefits 647w


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