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Sick leave

Sight impaired

    Health services 749w


Simmonds, Mr Mark


    Police, Finance 634w

    Post offices, Rural areas 964w

    Unemployment, Scotland 108-9

Simplifying Pensions Legislation Review

Simpson, Mr Alan

                  Debates etc.

    Fire services (22.10.02) 137


    Education, Asylum 387

    Energy, Conservation 987

Simpson, Mr Keith

                  Debates etc.

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Agriculture, Norfolk (22.10.02) 10-1wh


    Armed forces, Fire services 431w

    El Alamein, Anniversaries 438w

    History, Publications 602w


Sinn Fein

Sites of special scientific interest

    Planning permission 180w

Skinner, Mr Dennis

                  Debates etc.

    Business questions intervention (31.10.02) 1009

    European Council, Brussels Summit (EC) (28.10.02) 551

    Fire services (22.10.02) 133


    Business questions 416

    Energy, Conservation 987-8

    Hospitals, Consultants 671


Sleeping rough

Small Business Council

Small Business Service

Small businesses

    Conditions of employment 778-9w

    Research and development tax credit 426w

Small School Support Fund


Smart South West

    South West Regional Development Agency 306w

Smith, Rt Hon Andrew, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions


    Housing benefit, Reform 315w

    Occupational pensions 2-6

    Pensions, Tax allowances 1-3, 5-6

    Social security benefits, Post offices 13-5

Smith, Rt Hon Chris

                  Debates etc.

Smith, Geraldine

                  Debates etc.

    House of Commons, Reform (29.10.02) 752, 792

Smith, Jacqui, Minister of State, Dept of Health

                  Debates etc.

    Oral question time intervention (29.10.02) 668


    Adrenoleukodystrophy 507w

    Alzheimer's disease, Medical treatments 121-2w

    Care homes, Closures 736w

    Care homes, Fees and charges 508w

    Care homes, Regulation 125w

    Care homes, South East region 676-8

    Care homes, Torbay 499w

    Care homes, West Sussex 500w

    Children, Protection 736w

    Children in care, Education 936w

    Children in care, Missing persons 733w

    Chronic fatigue syndrome 501-2w

    Community health services 130w

    Community health services, Medical equipment 123-4w, 935w

    Compulsorily detained mental patients 502w

    Cumbria and Lancashire Strategic Health Authority, Tomography 508-10w

    Health professions, Prisons 938w

    Health services, Chinese community 736-7w

    Health services, Elderly 937w

    Health services, Sight impaired 749w

    Health services, Social services 741-2w

    Hearing impaired, Waiting lists 940-1w

    Hyperactivity, Children 401w

    Hyperactivity, Diagnosis 400-1w

    Members, Correspondence 270w

    Mental Health Bill (Draft) 746w

    Mental Health Bill (Draft), Special standing committees 935w

    Mental health services 663w

    Mental health services, Children 259w

    Mental health services, Finance 254w, 937w

    Mental health services, Hospital beds 745w

    Mentally ill, Community care 500-1w

    Older People's Taskforce 747-8w

    Smoking, Pregnant women 748-9w

    Social services 255w

    Social services, Elderly 257-8w

    Social services, Reform 939w

    Social workers, Retirement 128w

    Suicide, Railways 940w

    Wythenshawe Hospital, Surgery 503w

Smith, Llew


    Arms trade, Iraq 753w

    Arthur Andersen 529w

    Chemical and biological warfare, Vaccination 350w

    Green Ministers Committee 79w

    Hawk aircraft, India 601w

    Hussein, Saddam 200w

    Japan, Radioactive materials 34-5w

    Liabilities Management Authority, Licensing 985w

    Military aircraft, Iraq 704-5w

    Museums and galleries, Cardiff 866w

    Nuclear weapons, Expenditure 708w

    Nuclear weapons, North Korea 931-2w

    Petrochemicals, Dual use goods and technologies 420-1w

    Petrol alternatives, Transport 853-4w

    Plutonium, Exports 144w

    Radioactive materials 576w

    Radioactive materials, Harwell 666-7w

    Radioactive materials, Japan 67w, 420w

    Radioactive materials, Russia 201w

    Sellafield, Military aircraft 434w

    Sellafield, Mixed oxide fuel 972w

    Transport, Radioactive materials 453w

    UN Monitoring Verification and Inspection Commission, Manpower 35w

    UN Security Council 37w

    United Nations, Festivals and special occasions 882w

    Urban areas, Conferences 871w

    Vanunu, Mordechai 200w

    Wind power, Derelict land 779w

    World Summit on Sustainable Development 822w

Smith, Sir Robert

                  Debates etc.

    British Energy (22.10.02) 211, 238



    Northern Ireland 369w

Smyth, Rev Martin

                  Sittings in Westminster Hall

    Indonesia, Terrorism (23.10.02) 83-5wh


    Contact orders 118

    Northern Ireland Forensic Science Agency 260-1

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