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Part 2: Oral and Written Questions from Thursday 21 November 2002

Here, from 12 noon, you will be able to browse the current list of Oral and Written Questions for answer from Thursday 21 November 2002.

For Written Questions for answer on the day of issue of this paper, see Part 1 of this paper and the Order of Business.

Questions in this paper are arranged in the following way: date for answer; Oral before Written under each date; date of tabling under each answering date; unstarred and transferred questions followed by answering departments in alphabetical order.

The list of Oral and Written Questions below are contained in Part 2 of the Order Book for the previous sitting day and will be replaced by 12 noon by the most recent list.

  Date for answerQuestions for Answer
  Wednesday 20 November 2002 Oral Written
  Thursday 21 November 2002 Oral Written
  Monday 25 November 2002 Oral Written
  Tuesday 26 November 2002 Oral Written
  Wednesday 27 November 2002 Oral Written
  Thursday 28 November 2002 Oral Written
  Friday 29 November 2002 Written
  Monday 2 December 2002 Oral Written
  Tuesday 3 December 2002 Oral Written
  Wednesday 4 December 2002 Oral Written

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