Select Committee on Public Accounts Eleventh Report

LSE Public Policy Group Pro Forma Scores for HC 548: HM Prison Service: Reducing Prisoner Re-offending

  1.  To what extent does the report clearly describe the administrative and managerial context within which the area examined is carried out? = 4

  2.  To what extent is the report well structured and well written, and does it include an effective summary? = 4

  3.  To what extent were graphics and statistics appropriately used, and how well presented were any that appeared? = 3

  4.  To what extent is the rationale for the report's scope clearly set out (within NAO's remit, which excludes questioning the merits of policy objectives)? = 3

  5.  How far is the methodology clearly set out? And does it include an appropriate range of evaluate criteria and techniques to answer the question posed in the specification? = 3

  6.  To what extent did the conclusions provide a balanced view of successes and shortfalls in performance, the underlying causes, and make reasoned and cost-effective recommendations for remedies? = 4

  7.  To what extent has the study been successful in meeting its objectives, and maintaining or enhancing NAO's reputation? = 4

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Prepared 7 November 2002