Barclays Group Reorganisation Bill [HL]—continued
        House of Commons



Section 2


Name of SubsidiaryRegistered Number
(1) (2)
Barclays Bank Trust Company Limited 00920880
Barclays Capital Securities Limited 01929333
Barclays (CB) Limited 00923942
Barclays Funds Limited 00589407
Barclays Insurance Services Company Limited 00973765
Barclays Private Bank Limited 01957770
Barclays Private Trust Limited 02550797
Barclays Stockbrokers Limited 01986161
Sedgwick Independent Financial Consultants Limited 03841834
Woolwich Independent Financial Advisory Services Limited 01980022
Woolwich Insurance Services Limited 01980566
Woolwich plc 03295699
Woolwich Plan Managers Limited 03230386

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 28 August 2002