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Milford Haven Port Authority Bill



1 Citation and commencement
2 Interpretation
3 Incorporation of enactments
4 Constitution of Authority
5 Selection of members
6 Appointment of first members
7 Term of office of members
8 Transitional co-opted members
9 Declaration to be made by members
10 Casual vacancies
11 Disqualification of members
12 Indemnity insurance for members
13 Chief Executive of Authority
14 Provisions applying to members
15 General directions to vessels
16 Publication of general directions
17 Special directions to vessels
18 Master's responsibility to be unaffected
19 Failure to comply with directions
20 Enforcement of directions
21 Publication of Authority's annual statement of accounts and business strategy
22 Powers of investment, etc.
23 Crown rights
24 Repeals
Schedule 1— Form of declaration by members
Schedule 2— Provisions applying to the Authority

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Prepared 29 November 2001