Register of Interests of Members' Secretaries and Research Assistants Contents

SECTION 2: List of Sponsoring Members

Abbott - Byers

MathabBugttiDiane ABBOTT None.
BeverleyDavisDiane ABBOTT None.
KirstyAdamsIrene ADAMS None.
MatthewBeevorNick AINGER None.
GavinEdwardsNick AINGER None.
LucieWibberleyBob AINSWORTH None.
ThomasGreevesPeter AINSWORTH Researcher, Conservative Central Office, The Conservative Party.
ChrysoullaKyprianou PeterAINSWORTH None.
MaryPricePeter AINSWORTH None.
CaroleWiseRobert AINSWORTH None.
JohnAlkerRichard ALLAN None.
ScottBrodfuehrerRichard ALLAN None.
AnnCouldreyRichard ALLAN None.
AndrewBlickGraham ALLEN None.
HelenGordonGraham ALLEN None.
LionelAltmanDavid AMESS None.
AndrewFlavellDavid AMESS None.
SusanHayDavid AMESS None.
MaryHodgeDavid AMESS None.
EdwardArgarMichael ANCRAM Salary paid by the Conservative Party for services to sponsoring Member. Overseas Visits: 25-29 May 2002 to Republic of Yemen as a guest of the Government of Yemen. 1-10 September 2002 to Republic of Yemen as guest of the Government of the Republic of Yemen. 10-15 September 2002 to the Sultanate of Oman as guest of the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.
TaniaAstorMichael ANCRAM None.
CarolineEdmonsonMichael ANCRAM None.
SuzanneTownsendMichael ANCRAM None.
KirstyJacksonDonald ANDERSON None.
GraceTtotmanDonald ANDERSON None.
ElizabethWilsonDonald ANDERSON None.
DavidHumphreysJanet ANDERSON None.
KateHumphreysJanet ANDERSON None.
KatherineBlake McGrath JamesARBUTHNOT None.
ThomasHoughtonJames ARBUTHNOT None.
RosemaryZonneveldJames ARBUTHNOT None.
ClareBlomeleyHilary ARMSTRONG None.
NeilFlemingHilary ARMSTRONG None.
MattMuirCandy ATHERTON None.
AlexPykettCandy ATHERTON Administrator, Associate Parliamentary Water Group (employed by group and paid from group's funds).
RochneGladdenCharlotte ATKINS Councillor, Staffordshire Moorlands District Council.
MelinaAllenDavid ATKINSON None.
JasonFrancisDavid ATKINSON None.
EmmaBurgessPeter ATKINSON None.
JamesCarloss LeggePeter ATKINSON Researcher, Countryside Alliance (campaigning organisation).
SarahGodderidgePeter ATKINSON Political Researcher, Countryside Alliance (a campaigning organisation).
AngelaHillJohn AUSTIN None.
ChristopherJeffreyJohn AUSTIN None.
JaniceMarnhamJohn AUSTIN None.
EmmaGittusRichard BACON Freelance Media Consultant, Media Link (a media production company). Proof reader for German Council on Foreign Relations, Berlin (a think tank).
BenjaminGoldRichard BACON None.
TracyReeveRichard BACON None.
MatthewBallAdrian BAILEY Parliamentary Officer, The Co-operative Party (a political party). Overseas visit: 28 May to 8 June 2002 to Japan with parliamentary Football Club. Nomura Bank, First Group, T-Mobile and Waterfront Properties contributed to the cost of the flight; hospitality and transport provided by Nomura Bank; transport provided by First Group; sports kit provided by Nike; suits and accessories provided at discounted prices by Burtons.
SallyBentonAdrian BAILEY None.
JoyGreenfieldVera BAIRD None.
LauraMyerchinVera BAIRD None.
JamesScottVera BAIRD None.
NicholasMoscaNorman BAKER None.
OliverO'HalloranNorman BAKER None.
DaniellePillingNorman BAKER None.
EdwardBaldryTony BALDRY None.
RichardBlakewayTony BALDRY None.
JanetMcLeod-HatchTony BALDRY None.
EileenGordonTony BANKS None.
BendorGrosvenorTony BANKS None.
WilliamBaxGreg BARKER None.
DianeCraigGregory BARKER None.
GaryKentHarry BARNES Freelance writer and columnist for Fortnight Magazine and for Parliamentary Monitor.
PaulRatnerJohn BARON None.
KarenSheehanJohn BARON None.
KevinLangJohn BARRETT None.
KateEdwardsKevin BARRON None.
LesleyDella GanaHugh BAYLEY None.
LauraHolmesHugh BAYLEY None.
JoyceMcKelveyHugh BAYLEY None.
TrevorPerrinNigel BEARD Councillor, London Borough of Bexley.
LauraThomasNigel BEARD None.
LionelBeckettMargaret BECKETT None.
NicolaBrownMargaret BECKETT None.
ElizabethDudleyMargaret BECKETT None.
AlisonClaytonAnne BEGG None.
ClaireMulrooneyAnne BEGG None.
KenBishopRoy BEGGS None.
ClaireKirkRoy BEGGS None.
ElizabethThompsonRoy BEGGS None.
MichaelBirdAlan BEITH None.
GillianCheesemanAlan BEITH None.
FionaHallAlan BEITH Works part-time on self-employed basis for Berwick Constituency Liberal Democrats to provide organisational support, and Electoral Reform International Services to provide occasional overseas election supervision/observation.
AndrewKellyStuart BELL Peak-Time Sales Advisor, Debenhams Department Store.
GaryKillickStuart BELL None.
DavidRobinsonStuart BELL None.
FelixDareHenry BELLINGHAM None.
EleanorHarrisHenry BELLINGHAM None.
StephenBennHilary BENN Parliamentary Affairs advisor, Royal Society of Chemistry (a registered charity).
JohnWadhamAndrew BENNETT Director, Liberty (an NGO (non-governmental organisation) on human rights).
LeeWilsonAndrew BENNETT None.
TrevorJonesJoe BENTON Associate, Pielle Consulting Group (a PR consultancy).
AnnMcCartneyJoe BENTON None.
RosieDanielsJohn BERCOW None.
SallyIllmanJohn BERCOW None.
DavidRobbinsJohn BERCOW Researcher, Conservative Central Office, The Conservative Party.
MaureenDukeSir Paul BERESFORD None.
DonnaBeresfordSir Paul BERESFORD None.
ChristineCooperDr Roger BERRY None.
JulieSnellingDr Roger BERRY None.
JaneCampbellRoger BERRY Chair, Social Care Institute of Excellence.
CatherineSimesHarold BEST None.
AlisonMcGovernClive BETTS None.
PhilipaCoughlanLiz BLACKMAN None.
MariettaFarnsworthLiz BLACKMAN None.
SimonRichLiz BLACKMAN Member of Broxtowe Borough Council.
CarolineAdamsTony BLAIR None.
NitaClarkeTony BLAIR Employed by the Labour Party as Assistant Political Secretary in the Prime Minister's office at 10 Downing Street.
RachelCowburnTony BLAIR MEP liaison for European Parliamentary Labour Party.
SallyDobsonTony BLAIR Employed by the Labour Party as Assistant Political Secretary to the Prime Minister.
RebeccaGoffTony BLAIR Employed by The Labour Party as Office Manager in the Prime Minister's political office at 10 Downing Street.
AngelaGoodchildTony BLAIR Employed by The Labour Party as a Senior Assistant in the Prime Minister's political office.
RobertHillTony BLAIR Employed by the Labour Party as Political Secretary to the Prime Minister.
JonathanPearseTony BLAIR Employed by the Labour Party as Senior Assistant in the Prime Minister's Political Office, 10 Downing Street.
RaziRahmanTony BLAIR None.
EveSandlerHazel BLEARS None.
PeterTuffleyHazel BLEARS None.
ChristopherBlizzard BobBLIZZARD Temporary Administrative Assistant, Adecco (an employment agency).
JosephHaymanBob BLIZZARD None.
AlisonFlashmanDavid BLUNKETT None.
DavidMcFarlaneCrispin BLUNT Member of West Oxfordshire District Council.
PenelopeTayCrispin BLUNT None.
RichardChapmanPaul BOATENG None.
MichaelSholemPaul BOATENG None.
DavidTaylorDavid BORROW Chairman, DTP Ltd (regeneration company).
GeraldBurkeTim BOSWELL None.
MaryHodgesTim BOSWELL None.
MarkPinnerTim BOSWELL None.
ElizabethDewdney-Herbert PeterBOTTOMLEY None.
JulietMarshamPeter BOTTOMLEY None.
AliceAttenboroughVirginia BOTTOMLEY None.
GrantCannellVirginia BOTTOMLEY None.
JoanneGardnerVirginia BOTTOMLEY None.
Mary JoBishopPeter BRADLEY None.
CarolineMcGinnPeter BRADLEY None.
EwanBrightBen BRADSHAW None.
JohnCooperBen BRADSHAW None.
LeonardShallcrossBen BRADSHAW None.
RobertBalchinGraham BRADY None.
TimChatwinGraham BRADY Research Assistant, The Conservative Party.
SybilCrowtherGraham BRADY None.
AshleyHaynesGraham BRADY None.
Hong LingDyerTom BRAKE None.
HannahHedgesTom BRAKE None.
KatieHeywoodTom BRAKE Acting Faculty Officer, University of Kent.
HilaryDannattJulian BRAZIER None.
EmmaHaywoodJulian BRAZIER None.
AndrewWilliamsJulian BRAZIER None.
KarlHarderColin BREED None.
DavidThomasKevin BRENNAN Caseworker/Researcher to Rhodri Morgan AM (National Assembly of Wales). Member of City and County Council of Cardiff.
NathanYeowellKevin BRENNAN None.
PetaCubberleyAnnette BROOKE None.
IanScottAnnette BROOKE None.
CaroleBirdGordon BROWN None.
CathyKoesterGordon BROWN None.
SueNyeGordon BROWN None.
IanCarvellNick BROWN Council Member, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council; Partner, Forum Music and Arts Centre, Tunbridge Wells; Business Manager, Tribune Publications Ltd.
LukeSmithNick BROWN None.
JackThurstonNick BROWN Temporary Researcher, Foreign Policy Centre (a think tank).
GillianBrownRussell BROWN None.
JaniceRichardsonRussell BROWN None.
ColinSmyth Russell BROWN None.
JamesO'NeillDes BROWNE Part-time Researcher for Margaret Jamieson MSP.
MaureenMurphyDesmond BROWNE None.
ScottColvinAngela BROWNING Researcher, Conservative Central Office, The Conservative Party.
FayStockwellAngela BROWNING None.
CarolineHendersonMalcolm BRUCE None.
DavidBakerChris BRYANT None.
ChristopherIsaacChris BRYANT None.
AnnaYearlyChris BRYANT None.
JenMcClellandKaren BUCK None.
PatrickSouthKaren BUCK Public Affairs Manager, Shelter (charity for homeless and badly housed people).
ElliotFrankalRichard BURDEN None.
KatherineMoranRichard BURDEN None.
MichaelFisherColin BURGON None.
GeorgeBurnettJohn BURNETT None.
RobertBurnettJohn BURNETT None.
JuliaRowleyAndy BURNHAM None.
KatherineSacks-Jones AndyBURNHAM None.
AdamStrawAndy BURNHAM None.
PhillipaPeelSimon BURNS None.
LouisePotterSimon BURNS None.
JamesSandbachPaul BURSTOW Part-time Legal Officer/policy consultant to MIND (a charity).
RichardStokoePaul BURSTOW None.
KittyArbuthnottAlistair BURT Benefit: Bursary/scholarship received from CARE (Christian Action Research and Education), a registered charity, as an intern on their graduate training scheme.
AnthonyCordleAlistair BURT Associate, Timothy Trust (charitable foundation). Worldwide visits made on behalf of Timothy Trust and paid for by latter.
LaraDurbinAlistair BURT None.
PeterFranklinAlistair BURT Policy Analyst, Renewing One Nation (a think tank based at Conservative Central Office,The Conservative Party).
SusanDykesJohn BUTTERFILL Public Affairs Consultant employed by The Radio Authority.
WendyHamptonJohn BUTTERFILL None.
LolaToppinStephen BYERS None.
MarionWilliamsStephen BYERS None.

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Prepared 7 November 2002