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The Broadcasting Committee

The Broadcasting Committee is appointed to consider the broadcasting of proceedings of the House and matters ancillary thereto. Its constitution and powers are set out in House of Commons Standing Order No. 139.

The Committee has a maximum of ten members, of whom the quorum for any formal proceedings is three. The Members of the Committee are appointed by the House and unless discharged remain on the Committee until the next dissolution of Parliament. The present
membership of the Committee is as follows1.

Mrs Helen Clark (Peterborough)
Mr Roger Gale MP (North Thanet)
Mr James Gray MP (North Wiltshire)
David Hamilton MP (Midlothian)
Mr Brian Jenkins MP (Tamworth)
Mr David Lepper MP (Brighton Pavilion)
Mr Iain Luke MP (Dundee East)
Mr John Lyons MP (Strathkelvin and Bearsden)
Mr Khalid Mahmoud (Birmingham Perry Bar)
Mr Alan Reid (Argyll and Bute).

On 31 October 2001, the Committee elected Mr David Lepper as its Chairman.

The Committee has the power to require the submission of written evidence and documents, to examine witnesses, and to make Reports to the House.

The Committee may meet at any time (except when parliament is prorogued or dissolved) and at any place within the United Kingdom. The Committee may meet concurrently with domestic committees established under Standing Order No. 142 or with the Finance and Services Committee, or with any Committee of the Lords on broadcasting for the purposes of deliberating, taking evidence or considering draft reports. The Committee may exchange documents and evidence with any of these committees, as well as with the House of Commons Commission.

The Reports and evidence of the Committee are published by The Stationery Office by Order of the House. All publications of the Committee (including press notices) are on the Internet at

All correspondence should be addressed to The Clerk of the Broadcasting Committee, Committee Office, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. The telephone number for general inquiries is: 020 7219 3275.

1   Appointed 16 July 2001

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