Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Proceedings Report


Mr Gerald Kaufman, in the Chair

Mr Chris BryantMiss Julie Kirkbride
Mr Frank DoranMs Debra Shipley
Michael FabricantJohn Thurso
Mr Adrian FlookDerek Wyatt
Alan Keen

The Committee deliberated.

Wembley National Stadium project:

Mr David Hudson, Chairman and Mr Francis McPeake, Director, Tropus Limited, were examined.

Mr Michael Jeffries, Chairman, and Mr Roger Maslin, Finance Director, Wembley National Stadium Limited and Mr Nic Coward, Company Secretary, Football Association, were examined. Mr Michael Cunnah, Acting Wembley Project Director and Acting Chief Executive, Wembley National Stadium Limited was further examined.

Mr David Moffett, Chief Executive and Mrs Brigid Simmons, member of the England Sports Council and Lottery Panel, Sport England, were examined. Mr Ian Fytche, Head of Major Projects, Sport England was further examined.

  [Adjourned till Thursday 23 May at a quarter to Twelve o'clock Noon.

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Prepared 13 February 2003