Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 11

Letter, 10 March 2000, from Sport England to the Football Association


  Following our recent discussions, I am writing to enquire whether you have now had the opportunity to develop proposals in relation to the proposed repayment of grant, and any associated changes which you may propose in relation to the Lottery Funding Agreement.

  Given that the FA agreed, in principle, in December 1999, to repay £20 million of the grant, I am anxious to ensure progress is made as soon as possible in our discussions on this issue. In particular, I would welcome any proposals in relation to changes to the LFA at an early stage so that we can give due consideration in the very near future.

  I would be grateful for an update on these issues. Please do not hesitate to contact either myself or Ian Fytche to discuss.

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Prepared 20 November 2001