Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


Section 1.01 Activity Cost (annual)Source of funding
Exercise programme:     
—On prescription£50,000 NHS, SNDT, NOF
—Exercise for all/keep fit sessions in each area (4) £6,000
—Dance£12,000 NOF
—Specialised sessions, (gender ethnicity, disability)

Shoreditch walks:     
—Promotion£2,000 SNDT+LA+Trusts
Sports across Shoreditch:     
—Development of Shoreditch leagues £5,000SNDT+corporate sponsorship
Sharp End: social, exercise, advice and info etc for elders +£40,000£40,000 from SNDT, rest Now
Complimentary therapies:     
—Hoxton Health Group+£20,000 £20,000 from SNDT, rest NOW
—Local clinics Commercial+sliding scale
Informed health choices:     
—Peer education£70,000 50 per cent SNDT, 50 per cent NOF
—Outreach advice? SNDT
Mental health:£100,000 £100,000 SNDT+NHS
Being worked up with users     
Hospital out-patient sessions? NHS, once capital investment from SNDT to enable
Primary care development:
—Young people's health help clinic
NHS, once capital investment from SNDT to enable
Healthy eating:     
—Farmers market? Now
—Access?Now and SNDT
—Work in schools (eg fruit tuck-shop)

—Community arts£50,000 NOF
—Work placements/apprenticeships £50,000SNDT+SRB+Urban
Social activities:     
—Shoreditch festival£30,000 SNDT+corp sponsorship
50 per cent SNDT, 50 per cent NOF
—Volunteering£0 Self-financing
—Hub café£40,000 NOF
—Hub events     
Co-ordination and development£50,000 NOF

SNDT = Shoreditch New Deal Trust.

NOF = New Opportunities Fund.

NHS = bending existing NHS resources, and including HAZ.

LA = bending Local Authority resources.

Now = currently resourced.



  Hackney Council closed the well-loved Haggerston Baths overnight in February, following 10 years of total negligence of basic maintenance such as checking fire extinguishers, keeping gutters clear etc. The reasons given were health and safety eg flaking paint. The timing happened to coincide with a £multi-million overspend on the new Clissold Pool in Stoke Newington.

JUNE 2000

  As part of a huge campaign by the local community, Shoreditch New Deal Trust put in a proposal for the pool to be given to the local community to run and develop as a healthy living centre.


  The new Chief Executive of Hackney arrived and expressed a commitment for the council to re-open the pool and develop this, recognising the Council's responsibility to maintain public facilities such as swimming pools.


  Throughout, the pool is kept full and heated as the building will deteriorate if allowed to dry out, with dry rot, even more flaking paint, tiles falling out and costly damage caused if this is not done. However, in mid-September, the community hears that the pool has been drained. The Council officers claim no knowledge of this, and then on investigation find it was due to a "chemical imbalance in the water". Shoreditch New Deal Trust arrange a visit. The pool is half full and not heated. It is clear that without our visit, it would still be empty. The pool was full and heated on Friday 29 September.

  A report is prepared for the Council's Regeneration Committee recommending that the pool be re-developed with mix use and a Healthy Living Centre, in partnership with the New Deal Trust. This is welcomed by the community but with grave concern that there is also a recommendation not to do the necessary repairs to get the pool opened quickly, but to keep it closed until full refurbishment is completed—a period of up to four years.


  On 4 October, the Shoreditch New Deal Trust gets wind that the pool has been drained again and vital equipment removed. We phone the Council and are informed that their Health and Safety Officer has said this must happen as, since the Council removed security cover in the pool, it can be broken into and people may fall into the pool and drown. The Council would then be liable. This expert also decrees that the pool will not have damage as a result of being drained "in the short term". No one can say how long this will persist.

  This is exactly what happened in Haggerston Library where neglect by the Council of a listed building meant it was riddled with dry rot and sold off for development.


  —The pool remains shut.

  —Another summer passes with no local full size swimming facility for local young people to use.

  —Eight local schools take swimming off the curriculum because they can't afford coaches to other baths.

  —London Borough of Hackney tenders out for pools/leisure facility management and exclude Haggerston Baths from the equation.

  —Shoreditch New Deal Trust Healthy Living Centre, which based on Haggerston Baths as the Hub, gets through to the second stage of the New Opportunities Fund bidding process.


  London Borough of Hackney finally states they now have neither capital, nor crucially the revenue to run the pool. Clear signs that they would like to dispose of the pool.

  Shoreditch New Deal Trust prepares a detailed proposal to use the pool site, linked to the agreed redevelopment through Canalside of the surrounding housing, to raise funds, both capital and revenue, to retain the building facade and the pool area within it.

  Shoreditch New Deal Trust, now called Shoreditch Our Way, decides to change the Healthy Living Centre hub as the situation with the pool jeopardises our bid.

  And as this all goes on . . .

  And as a historic building, which is the bedrock for SNDT's plans for a healthy living centre, rots, our schools go without swimming on the curriculum, our local boat club closes its books to new comers as they have nowhere to train, our swimming clubs collapse and local Olympic hopefuls give up as there is nowhere to train.

4 November 2001

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