Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report

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"Swimming is the best all round sport for our health. It is the least discriminating, certainly in age and ability and it has the highest appeal in the nation. Some honourable Member here mentioned that we cannot afford to do it. Well, we are not a third rate country, we are not a third world country, we are the third largest economy in the world and we darn well should afford it." - Duncan Goodhew, MBE.[1]

1. On 9 November we announced an evidence session into the sport of swimming. We set out three provisional issues for consideration:

  • historic swimming pools, and the problems affecting these listed buildings
  • swimming facilities available in communities
  • facilities and training support available for competitive swimmers.

2. The scale of the response was extremely encouraging. We received over 45 submissions from a wide range of witnesses, including local swimming clubs, coaches, ex-athletes, parents of potential athletes, managers of local pools, campaigners for the protection of pools and regular swimmers with a love of the sport.

3. On 4 December 2001 we heard oral evidence from representatives from English Heritage; Victoria Baths Campaign, Manchester; Haggerston Pool Campaign, Hackney; Friends of Marshall Street Baths, Soho; Govanhill Pool, Glasgow; the Institute of Sport and Recreation Management; Sport England; the Amateur Swimming Association; and Olympic medallists Anita Lonsbrough, MBE, Duncan Goodhew, MBE and Sharron Davies MBE. We received a memorandum from the Local Government Association, and a joint memorandum from the Departments for Culture, Media and Sport, Education and Skills and Transport, Local Government and the Regions. This evidence is set out in this volume after the Report. We did not seek oral evidence from the Government nor local authorities given the constraints of time.

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Prepared 15 January 2002