Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Second Report


Memoranda submitted by:

1.Department of Culture, Media and Sport
Ev 68
2.Local Government Association
Ev 71
3.British Swimming
Ev 74
4.Scottish Swimming
Ev 75
5.Save Britain's Heritage
Ev 76
6.Fusion — Southwark Community Leisure Limited
Ev 77
7.Southern Counties Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 78
8.Derbyshire Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 81
9.Mr Roy MacAlister
Ev 81
10.Leicestershire Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 83
11.Mr Stuart Sherman
Ev 83
12.University College Northampton
Ev 84
13.Dr Alan McClatchley
Ev 86
14.Mr Brian Brinkley
Ev 87
15.Worcestershire County Swimming Association
Ev 88
16.Leisure Manager at Gateshead Council
Ev 89
17.Mr Nicholas Titley
Ev 90
18.Leicester Synchronized Swimming Club
Ev 92
19.Mr Alan Phillips
Ev 93
20.Nottinghamshire Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 94
21.The immediate past President of Amateur Swimming Association, Midland District
Ev 94
22.Professor John McClatchley
Ev 95
23.PMP Consultancy
Ev 97
24.Bedfordshire Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 98
25.Cumbernauld Swimming Club
Ev 103
26.Amateur Swimming Association, Midland District
Ev 103
27.Norfolk County Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 105
28.Lifesavers — The Royal Life Saving Society UK
Ev 106
29.Councillor Jim Battle
Ev 106
30.Barking Swimming Club
Ev 107
31.Coventry City Council and the London Borough of Bromley
Ev 109
32.North Eastern Counties Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 110
33.Hertfordshire Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 110
34.Sue Hudson
Ev 112
35.Mr Roger Deakin
Ev 112
36.Northampton Borough Council
Ev 116
37.Manchester Victoria Baths Trust
Ev 117
38.Haggerston Pool, Hackney
Ev 119
39.Govanhill Pool, Glasgow
Ev 119
40.Friends of Marshall Street Baths, Soho
Ev 120
41.Institute of Sport and Recreation Management
Ev 121
42.Sport England
Ev 122
43.Amateur Swimming Association
Ev 123
44.Mr Roger Deakin
Ev 124
45.Director of Sport and Recreation, University of Hertfordshire
Ev 126
46.University of Hertfordshire Swimming Pool
Ev 130
47.Mr Keith Richards
Ev 131
48.English Heritage
Ev 133

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 15 January 2002