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Memorandum submitted by Leicester Synchronized Swimming Club


  Swimming and all other aquatic disciplines are very important to every section of the community from safety in the water and learning to swim to swimming for health and fitness.

  Within the City of Leicester there are satellite pools for the teaching and coaching of swimming but there is no pool catering for the needs of competitive swimming and the coaching of competitive synchronised swimming swimmers.

  The excellent facility of St Margarets Baths having been demolished during 2000 has meant that no events have been held within the city. It must be stated that Leicester has hosted many swimming events from club to major championship level.

  The City has also hosted the Amateur Swimming Association's National Championships, National Age Groups and the Junior European Championships in Synchronized Swimming where deep water is essential. Also held within the city have been ASA Midland District Championships, Great Britain Senior and Junior Squad Training and District Development Sessions (all for synchro).

  From a local community point of view, the present club no longer has the opportunity to train in water deeper than 1.8 metre and preparing members for competitions proves very difficult indeed. The participants of the sport are mainly females with ages between seven and 25 plus years.

  Therefore, the provision of a pool, with facilities for the community and the competitive aspect of the Sport of Swimming is essential to enable everyone to participate be they children, mothers and babies, general public, community groups, competitive swimmers and synchro. swimmers.

28 November 2001

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Prepared 15 January 2002