Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum from Joy Murray, Soho Parish School


  Closing Marshall Street Swimming Baths has had a considerable impact on our children. We used to swim every week at the pool with children from Year one to Year six all having a turn.

  1.  After its closure our children missed swimming for several months until an alternative could be found. (By then Year six children had moved onto secondary schools).

  2.  We now have to walk (half hour each way) to the Oasis Swimming Pool which takes up far more extra time (extra hour) and involves crossing very dangerous roads (Cambridge Circus). Extra time spent walking means less time in the classroom for other curriculum areas.

  3.  Due to the walk we have stopped our younger children swimming—it's too far and too cold during the winter. So we cannot offer swimming to children like we used to.

  4.  Marshall Street was excellent for our local children to go at weekends—we now cannot encourage them to go as Oasis is too far.

  5.  We would also use a local pool for extra curricular clubs and arrange galas, which Marshall Street was excellent for.

  As a parent I have three children all of whom started swimming at Marshall Street Baths. I now have to travel to Dorchester and Swiss Cottage for swimming lessons—rather annoying when we live just around the corner from Marshall Street.

  Youth groups. Our church (Emmanuel Community Church) runs a youth group on Friday evenings. Once every half term the Marshall Street Baths allowed us to have one lane for a swimming evening.

  It was convenient, the children enjoyed it and it encouraged them to go.

  Sadly the Oasis could not provide it and the distance to go put many children and parents off.

6 December 2001

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Prepared 15 January 2002