Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 4

Letter, 12 February 2001, from the Chief Executive of Sport England to the Pro-Vice Chancellor at University of Hertfordshire


  Thank you for your letter of 5 January 2001. I apologise that it has taken some time to respond, but I wanted to confirm the view of the Amateur Swimming Association before writing to you. I hope you understand that the slight delay has allowed us to provide you with a more definitive response.

  Subject to all the issues in our letter of 5 December 2000 (copy attached) being resolved, our view of the swimming element of the project can be summarised as:

    —  Sport England and the ASA are attracted by the concept of increasing the proposed 25 metre pool to 50 metres, primarily in order to benefit the World Class Programme for swimming. For funding to be secured you would need to work with the ASA on developing an appropriate level of use by their World Class programme; and

    —  in terms of community demand, Chris Cutforth's letter of 5 December outlines our concerns over the demand for the pool. You would need to work carefully with the local authority and local clubs to ensure the provision of a 50 metre (or for that matter a 25 metre) pool was demonstrably complementary to existing provision in the area.

  Clearly the project provides Sport England with an opportunity to deliver one of our aims, namely more 50 metre pools in the London area. However, it does not sit comfortably with the unmet demand for community provision. On this basis, we would consider a grant request for extending the pool, but it is unlikely that funding in excess of £1 million would be forthcoming from the Lottery fund.

  In relation to Sport England funding towards a 12 court rather than an eight court sports hall, can I confirm that it would be unlikely that we could support such a proposal with lottery funding, due to the issues of local demand identified in our letter of 5 December 2000.

  Thank you for coming in to meet and discuss your project. If you decide that the funding levels mentioned in this letter enable you to consider inclusion of a 50 metre pool, please contact Chris Cutforth to move discussions towards an application for lottery funding.

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