Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 4


  The consultation on the draft brief for the masterplan asked people to comment on the extent to which the brief met the arts needs, the needs of audiences, visitors and the local community and the planning sensitivities.

  Some 13,000 popular versions of the brief were distributed to artists, audiences, visitors and local residents.

  Six Citizen's Workshops were organised with each workshop comprising audiences, visitors and local residents and workers.

  Consultations were also held with national arts and architectural journalists.

  This process provided the People's Eight Priorities for the South Bank. These were:

    1.  An integrated, high quality arts and cultural experience for all ages, backgrounds and interests.

    2.  A whole experience which creates a desire to visit beyond attending a particular performance or venue.

    3.  A site that makes full use of and incorporates the riverside location.

    4.  A visually welcoming site with greenery, open space and colour.

    5.  A mix of activity and quiet spaces creating a flow and balance of movement around the site.

    6.  A place where people can rove around with ease.

    7.  Good access from the surrounding area.

    8.  Equal access and movement for people with disabilities.

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