Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 5


  The public consultation involved 54 separate presentations and briefings, four citizens workshops, a large public forum (of 130 people) an exhibition in the Royal Festival Hall and in other South Bank locations.

  A total of 250,000 brochures were distributed.

  In addition the South Bank Centre and British Film Institute commissioned Playtrain, specialist consultants who work with children, to audit the draft plan for child friendliness, and seek the views of young adults.

  The South Bank Centre also established a local residents group.

  The conclusions of the consultation were:

    —  a welcoming of the vision, imagination and pragmatism of Rick Mather Architects in seeking to reconcile the different demands on the site made by different stakeholders

    —  a particular favourite element was doubling the size of Jubilee Gardens

    —  overwhelming support for the principles of the masterplan subject to seeing the detailed design

    —  Design issues to be considered included:

      —  the height, bulk, location and use of the two gateway buildings

      —  how much the park was elevated and where and the park's relationship to the hinterland and the neighbouring sites as well as impact on views across the site

      —  balance and relationship between cultural and commercial activity

      —  the environmental impact given the other development proposed in the area

  The draft masterplan and these detailed considerations were incorporated into a brief for an architectural competition for the Hungerford car park and Jubilee Gardens. Given the sensitivity of the site, the large number of stakeholders and the continued fluidity of the brief, the South Bank Centre sought to select an architect to work with all parties rather than an architectural scheme.

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