Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Third Report


Memoranda or Supplementary Memoranda submitted by:
1 relates to the RSC
2 relates to the South Bank
Otherwise relates to the Arts Council
1.Mr Charles Morgan
Ev 59
2.Southern Arts
Ev 69
3.Southern Arts
Ev 74
4.Mr Howard and Mrs Pat Watson1
Ev 74
5.Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Ev 75
6.Councillor Andrew Coulson, Birmingham City Council
Ev 77
7.Councillor Andrew Coulson, Birmingham City Council
Ev 77
8.Councillor Michael Crutchley, Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council1
Ev 78
9.Mr Roger Lancaster
Ev 79
10.Sound Sense
Ev 80
11.Mr Christopher Gordon
Ev 82
12.Mr Robin Guthrie, Chair, Yorkshire Arts and English Regional Arts Boards
Ev 83
13.Mr Robin Guthrie
Ev 86
14.David Powell Associates
Ev 86
15.Mr Peter Stark, Director of the Centre for Cultural Policy and Management at the University of Northumbria
Ev 88
16.Campaign for the English Regions
Ev 89
17.South Bank Centre2
Ev 90
18.South Bank Centre2
Ev 91
19.Mr Donald James1
Ev 96
20.Mr Donald James1
Ev 97
21.Mr Donald James1
Ev 99
22.Making Music
Ev 101
23.Mr Martin Rewcastle
Ev 108
24.Arts Council of England1, 2
Ev 110
25.Arts Council of England
Ev 121
26.Mr Antony Croghan
Ev 122
27.Black Country Touring
Ev 123
28.Helix Arts
Ev 127
29.Northern Arts
Ev 128
30.Association of North East Councils
Ev 130
31.Mr John Maples MP1
Ev 131
32.National Campaign for the Arts
Ev 132
33.Ms Lucy Newsam1
Ev 136
34.Mr Jonathan Croall
Ev 137
35.South East Arts
Ev 137
36.Hartlepool Borough Council
Ev 138
37.Mr Bill McAlister
Ev 139
38.National Union Group of the Arts Council and Regional Arts Boards
Ev 140
39.Durham County Council
Ev 142
40.Incorporated Society of Musicians
Ev 142
41.South West Arts
Ev 144
42.Mr Richard Eggington, Town Clerk, Stratford-upon-Avon Town Council1
Ev 146
43.East Midlands Arts
Ev 147
44.London Arts
Ev 148
45.Lambeth Council2
Ev 150
46.Stratford-upon-Avon District Council1
Ev 160
47.North West Arts
Ev 165
48.North West Arts
Ev 166
49.West Midlands Arts
Ev 170
50.Warwickshire County Council1
Ev 171
51.The Theatres Trust1
Ev 173
52.The Theatres Trust1
Ev 175
53.Dance UK
Ev 176
54.Theatrical Management Association
Ev 177
55.English Heritage1, 2
Ev 178
Ev 184
57.Visual Arts and Galleries Association
Ev 184
58.Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment1, 2
Ev 186
59.West Midlands Life1
Ev 192
60.Local Government Association1
Ev 193
61.Art and Politics Magazine
Ev 195
62.Mary Young1
Ev 196
63.Valery Newey1
Ev 196
64.Hands Off Our Theatre 'HOOT'1
Ev 197
65.Department for Culture, Media and Sport1, 2
Ev 197
66.Arts Council
Ev 204
67.Hands Off Our Theatre 'HOOT'1
Ev 206
68. Greater London Authority2
Ev 207

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 26 March 2002