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  Founded in 1935, Making Music, the National Federation of Music Societies, represents almost 2,000 musical societies in the amateur sector, including orchestral, choral and concert promoting societies throughout the United Kingdom. Statistics from a recent survey of our membership (see attached appendix) show that these societies are made up of around 130,000 members (0.3 per cent of the UK adult population), all of whom participate in music making as both performers and listeners. Our membership collectively promotes over 7,680 concerts each year or an average of nearly 150 a week, reaching an audience of nearly 1.5 million, enabling even the remotest of communities to have access to live and participatory music making.

  In September 2000, alongside updating the organisation's corporate identity, Making Music launched its five-year business plan for the period 2001-2005. In this plan, Making Music Happen, the work of Making Music was divided into five main areas of activity on behalf of its members' societies and constituents in the musical sector:

Membership Services

  We are committed to ensuring the cost-effective and efficient provision of member services, and to ensuring that quality processes and procedures are in place to deliver such services.

Lobbying and advocacy for voluntary sector music-making

  We must preserve and enhance our role as the key voice of amateur music-making in the UK.

Member support and development

  We are dedicated to offering guidance and support where needed to our members at a local level, and will deliver this through a range of services such as training and development activities, visiting of individual members, and provision of advice.

Work with and for young people

  We aim to encourage music-making amongst young people, both by the provision of additional performing and listening opportunities, and by the building of links between our members and schools and young peoples' organisations in their communities.

Advancing the cause of all live music-making throughout the UK

  Our principal charitable objective is 'promoting the art and practice and public performance of music throughout the United Kingdom and in other countries'.

  These five key activities are to be undertaken through three key delivery mechanisms: Development of our international structure, Business resources and Communications.

Our structure

  Working under the direction of a national Board of Management, elected by our members, Making Music is staffed on a daily basis by a full-time professional team of eight in collaboration with almost twenty part-time staff both in London and around the United Kingdom. Additionally, Making Music retains close links with its member societies through the means of 13 committees in the ten English regions, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, whose primary function is to react to relevant issues on a local level.

  Making Music is a member organisation of the National Music Council and is represented on the executive of the Music Education Council. The Chief Executive of Making Music is Chairman of the National Music Council and also meets regularly with the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority to discuss music education matters, and has been co-opted onto the Advisory Board of the National Campaign for the Arts.

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