Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


Royal Festival Hall Foyers Project applications Ref numbers—00/02263/FUL and 00/02595/LB
11 September 2000Foyers Project applications received by the Council.
Insufficient plans/information provided—Request for further details.
7 November 2000Outstanding information received to validate planning application.
Nov/Dec 2000Consultation period.
Number of ambiguities detected with submitted plans in that they include Liner Building proposals. Not clear over content of this planning application. Clarification sought from applicants.
June/July 2001Reconsultation
Wider consultation with more detailed description of development for clarification purposes
Agreed that due to linkages between Foyers and Liner Building applications, all relevant applications would be considered at the same committee.
Request from SBC to consider the Foyers Project in advance of the Liner Building proposals due to funding considerations—Foyers Project report amended to allow separate consideration
27 November 2001Intended committee date for consideration of Foyers Project applications. Procedural error resulted in reports failing to make this agenda.
11 December 2001Consideration of Foyers Project application by PAC committee—Deferred by Members for site visit. Site visit to include presentation of the Liner Building proposals also so that Members aware of linkages between two sets of applications. Application to be reconsidered at PAC Committee of 15 January 2002.
12 January 2002Member site visit. Members requested that due to the complexity of the applications both the Foyers and Liner Building proposals be considered together at a special committee meeting to be held in the Waterloo area in early March 2002.
5 March 2002Proposed date of special meeting of planning committee to consider both sets of planning applications.
Liner Building applications (Ref no.00/01612/FUL; 00/01615/LB; 00/01853/CON)
31 May 2000Liner Building applications received by Council.
July/August 2000Consultation.
14 November 2000Planning Statement provided by applicants to clarify issues.
November 2000Draft servicing report received.
Proposal intends to make changes to how the RFH building is serviced. No servicing strategy provided with application. Area of servicing falls outside site boundary on Metropolitan Open Land. Proposal cannot be recommended for permission in current form.
8 February 2001SBC makes new application for planning and listed building consent for the Liner Building proposals (Ref No. 01/00717/FUL and 01/00718/LB).
9 February 2001South Bank Centre requests in writing that original planning, listed building and conservation area applications are withdrawn (Ref no. 00/01612/FUL; 00/01615/LB; 00/01853/CON).
13 March 2001Submission of new conservation area consent application (Ref No. 01/00719/CON).
March/April 2001Consultation period.
June 2001Objections raised by Corporation of London on grounds that proposed extension building infringed on a strategic viewing corridor.
1 August 2001Submission of amended plans showing a building with a reduced height.
August/Sept 2001Reconsultation with key groups.
25 September 2001Corporation of London withdrew objections.
8 November 2001Objections received from Greater London Authority principally about the adequacy of the servicing arrangements and the design of the extension building. Further plans/clarification requested from applicants.
Nov/Dec 2001Additional material submitted by applicant to address concerns raised by GLA.
Dec/Jan 2001-02Consultation with GLA and English Heritage and proposed revisions.
5 March 2002Proposed date of special meeting of planning committee to consider all planning applications relating to the Foyers Project and Liner Building applications.

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