Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Annex 1


MeasureUK (position) Germany (position)Source
PC uptake34%best in EU G7 33%
2nd in EU G7
ITU, 2001
Digital TV uptake29%
(4,700,000 users)
best in world
no position shown
(1,706,000 users)
Strategy Analitics and Merrill Lynch, 2000
PC uptake—schools14 per 100 pupils (secondary)
9 per 100 pupils (primary)
best in EU G7
6 per 100 pupils (secondary)
1 per 100 pupils (primary)
worst in G7
RMG7 report, 2000
Schools connected to the internet99% (secondary)
89 % (primary)1
best in G7
82% (secondary)
10% (primary)
5th in G7
RMG7 report, 2000
Internet hosts 65 per 1000 inhabitants best in EU G7 50 per 100 inhabitants 2nd in EU G7Netsizer, May 2001
Regular internet users55%
best in EU G7
2nd in EU G7
EU, July 2001
Internet users shopping online37%
best in EU G7
2nd in EU G7
Eurobarometer, Feb 2001
Business ICT expenditure (% of GDP)6.5%
best in EU G7
3rd in EU G7
OECD, 2000
Secure internet servers11 per 1000 inhabitants
best in EU G7
6 per 1000 inhabitants
2nd in EU G7
Netcraft, Jan 2001
Narrowband unlimited peak access cost (business) 3rd in worldNot measured OECD, Aug 2001
Businesses trading online24%
best in world
2nd in EU G7
DTI, Oct 2001
1 96% : written answer from John Healey, Under-Secretary at Education 13 December 2001.
16 January 2002

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