Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Fourth Report


Memoranda submitted by:
1.Astra Marketing Limited
Ev 243
2.Astra Marketing Limited
Ev 243
3.Consumers' Association
Ev 246
Ev 248
5.Mr Kevin Hutchens
Ev 249
6.Mr Kevin Hutchens
Ev 250
7.Creators' Rights Alliance
Ev 250
8.Musicians' Union
Ev 251
9.Voice of the Listener and Viewer
Ev 252
10.Voice of the Listener and Viewer
Ev 252
11.British Academy of Composers and Songwriters
Ev 255
12.Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT)
Ev 256
13.Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT)
Ev 257
14.Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television (PACT)
Ev 264
15.Mr William McQuillan
Ev 265
16.Mr T Appleyard
Ev 265
17.Access Devices Limited
Ev 266
18.Cultural Diversity Advisory Group to the Media
Ev 267
19.Mrs Joan Darwent
Ev 268
Ev 268
21.Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA)
Ev 271
22.Commercial Radio Companies Association
Ev 271
23.Commercial Radio Companies Association
Ev 274
24.Newspaper Society
Ev 274
25.Society of College, National and University Libraries (SCONUL)
Ev 276
Ev 276
Ev 278
28.Public Voice
Ev 278
29.Public Voice
Ev 282
30.Colt Telecommunications
Ev 290
31.GWR Group Plc
Ev 296
Ev 299
33.Channel M
Ev 303
34.British Internet Publishers' Alliance (BIPA
Ev 307
35.Professor Steven Barnett, University of Westminster
Ev 310
36.Video Networks Limited
Ev 314
37.Fixed Network Operators Group
Ev 316
38. ITV Digital
Ev 318
39.ITV Digital
Ev 318
40.Independent Television Commission
Ev 324
41.Independent Television Commission
Ev 327
42.Satellite and Cable Broadcasters' Group
Ev 327
43.Channel 4
Ev 330
Ev 333
45.Third World and Environment Broadcasting Project (3WE)
Ev 339
46.Lattice Group
Ev 347
47.Centre for Justice and Liberty
Ev 349
48.Royal National Institute for the Blind
Ev 351
49.Capital Radio
Ev 355
50.Personal Domain Names Limited
Ev 356
51.Personal Domain Names Limited
Ev 357
52.Mr Peter Popper
Ev 359
53.Mr Norman Semple
Ev 359
54.British Telecommunications (BT)
Ev 360
55.British Telecommunications (BT)
Ev 360
56.National Consumer Council
Ev 362
57.National Union of Journalists
Ev 364
58.Granada Plc
Ev 367
59.Daily Mail and General Trust
Ev 369
60.Teletext Limited
Ev 372
61.Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI)
Ev 373
62.Federation of the Electronics Industry (FEI)
Ev 375
Ev 376
64.Energis Plc
Ev 379
65.Environment Agency
Ev 380
66.Dr J M Wober
Ev 382
67.Mr Andy Carey
Ev 383
68.Mr Hugh Small
Ev 384
69.Mr Simon Burnett
Ev 386
70.Mr David Missett
Ev 386
71.Mr Peter Newbery
Ev 387
72.Six TV
Ev 388
73.Mrs Eileen Bloom
Ev 389
74.Department for Culture, Media and Sport
Ev 389
75.e-Envoy, Cabinet Office
Ev 390

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 1 May 2002