Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by Public Voice

  I am writing on behalf of Public Voice, the voluntary sector campaign to ensure that communications reform is in the public interest. Public Voice was established to support, defend and protect public service broadcasting in all its forms now, and in the future. It represents the interests of voluntary and community organisations, the causes they serve and their constituents. Public Voice campaigns to ensure that communications reform is led by public interest objectives, such as plurality of voice, impartiality and objectivity in news, diversity and quality of content, right across the market.

  We would like to request the opportunity to give oral evidence to your inquiry. Public Voice has been very active in the debate about communications reform to date and we have produced responses to a number of policy and consultation documents including: the white paper on communications reform; the proposals for the BBC's new digital services; Professor Cave's review of spectrum management; the ITC's proposals on cross promotion and the Towers Perrin scoping report on OFCOM. We have also submitted written evidence to your earlier inquiry into the Government's proposals for communications reform.

  We have also actively lobbied for amendments to the OFCOM bill as it passed through the House of Lords. Copies of all our position papers should already have been sent to you but I am happy to provide further copies if you would find this helpful.

  We believe that our evidence on the following areas would be particularly useful: particularly keen to give evidence on:

    —  access to high quality diverse services;

    —  safeguarding citizens and consumers;

    —  defining and providing public service broadcasting;

    —  development and promotion of digital broadcasting.

  These are all areas on which we have a clear policy position and where we can represent the views of a wide range of voluntary and community organisations and the communities and interests they serve. I attach a copy of our latest briefing leaflet for background information and hope to hear from you shortly.

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Prepared 1 May 2002