Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Memorandum submitted by the Satellite and Cable Broadcasters' Group

  In response to the call for written evidence in respect of the Committee's investigation into the proposed draft Bill on Communications, and associated issues, please find enclosed the following documents from the Satellite & Cable Broadcasters' Group (SCBG):

    —  Executive Summary of the SCBG response to the Communications White Paper (please note that the figures quoted for employment in the sector, number of home receiving satellite & cable television, expected growth of digital television, etc, have increased since this document was written—more accurate figures will be submitted in due course.)

    —  SCBG comments on the Towers Perrin Report to the Regulators' Steering Group on the OFCOM Scoping Project.

  Copies of our recently published document New Horizons—Industry Review have been posted under separate cover. This Review sets out the role played by the satellite & cable sector in the development of broadcasting services and summarises our main policy objectives in relation to the changing regulatory environment.

  We consider all these documents to summarise our major concerns about the future of the regulatory environment within the United Kingdom should legislation come into effect without considerable consultation with all sectors of the communications industry.

  We are, of course, willing to expand on any or all of these issues raised should that prove to be of benefit to the Committee. Should you wish to pursue this please do not hesitate to contact me as detailed below.

14 January 2002

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Prepared 1 May 2002