Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary Memorandum submitted by BSkyB

  At the hearing of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee on 29 January 2002, Sky agreed to provide supplementary information on conditional access ("CA") services.

  Attached is a note (not printed) containing confidential information about CA charges relating to ITV and Sky, in response to specific questions asked by Mr Bryant. Also attached (see Annex) is a non-confidential Supplementary Memorandum on regulation of CA, which we would like to be included in the published evidence of the inquiry.

  During the 29 January Committee session, Mr Bryant also stated that a Dixons shop informed him "that there is no basic package available" from Sky, and that the marketing material he had seen in the retailer did not list the basic package.

  Sky's £10 basic "Value Pack" is listed in the current Dixons catalogue (not printed) as one of "Sky's recommended Channel Packages" (p. 25). The Value Pack and other basic packages (ie packages that do not include "premium" Sky Movies and Sky Sports channels) are also featured in the attached customer contract pack supplied to Dixons and other retailers. Furthermore, Sky marketing in general specifically mentions the fact that packages start from just £10—something mirrored in the Dixons catalogue statement on p. 24 that "With channel packages from £10 to £37 per month, there's something to suit everyone."

  Whilst there may be additional promotions that are linked to premium packages from time to time, Sky would welcome further information about the specific retail branch and marketing material seen in this instance. A blanket claim by a retailer that "there is no basic package" available is incorrect and we would wish to address this.

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Prepared 1 May 2002