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Memorandum submitted by Mr Simon Burnett

  I write concerning Sir Christopher Bland's discussions with the committee as detailed in this news story:

  I have been petitioning BT for DSL broadband since before the initial roll-out, and recently by daily "spamming" with the attached email, sent daily to their customer services (no replies as yet). My concern is that private rural dwellers will again draw a short straw. That is we will be left with the same poor deal that we have now, whilst urbanites will enjoy "the latest" high speed deals available, and at a fraction of the cost we have to pay.

  If BT are to offer a new deal to encourage DSL broadband uptake by reducing the price then it should also apply to ISDN users whose ONLY broadband option is ISDN. The FRIACO network should also be re-inforced to allow ISDN users to enjoy 100 per cent (128kbps) of the product they pay for, rather than the 50 per cent (64kbps) we are forced to restrict ourselves to. Better still, the DSL network could be enabled on more rural exchanges to give users more choice.

  As I only have a choice of one telecomms provider, I look to BT to be indiscriminative in its provision of products, yet I cannot, and probably will not enjoy the benefits of DSL unless I move home.

14 February 2002

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Prepared 1 May 2002