Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence



  The establishment of the British Broadcasting Corporation
is a cynical insult to our democratic nation.
Breached all accepted safeguards of business control.
Flaunted democracy's privileges—no countenances to enrol.

  A law unto itself—other people's money to spend
Treacherous monopoly discretion—PC the restricted blend.
Taxation enforced with no representation in mind
Core-extra services covertly financed—excessive licence fees that bind.

  Arrogant producers no criticism nor protest accepted.
Their psycho-frustrations and soiled prejudice sickly protected.
Freudian mischief and masochistic enjoyment vicariously achieved.
Idolised by colleagues—sycophantic praise—the silent majority sorely aggrieved.

  Christianity undermined and destroyed with deliberate intent.
Tragic damage to society and people—a policy hell bent.
Sexual excess the newly appointed programme religion.
Marriage derided and challenged by a new era of diversion.

  Critically no realistic competition to safeguard us all.
Secret benefit and tax relief arrangement outwit public overhaul.
Excessive and outrageous pay outreach both talent and plaudit.
Exacerbated the lack of business restraint and financial audit.

  No customer—pay mechanism permitted—all sovereignty disavowed.
Taxation with no franchise—a condition wilfully allowed.
Shareholder intervention cynically avoided and lawfully barred.
A Stalinist system political endorsed—all simple freedoms dangerously marred.

  Massive electoral power carelessly and soporifically invested.
A cavern from hell with political activists totally infested.
Arrogant and unbalanced disregard for democratic moderation.
Government "Quislings" disgracefully installed—an interfering crony damnation.

  News and current affairs cleverly and consistently distorted.
Ministerial censorship and propaganda hyped and contorted.
A regime of deceit the new honesty base for lying and spin.
Trivia extolled to erode enlightened debate—will integrity ever begin.

  An institution so entrenched, politically inept and powerful is a serious danger to society.
Commercial financing must update the hapless licence fee impropriety.
Opportunist insurrection by liberal dissidents must be boldly destroyed.
The vigilance that is so essential to freedom to be rigorously deployed.

18 February 2002

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© Parliamentary copyright 2002
Prepared 1 May 2002