Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Minutes of Evidence

Examination of Witnesses (Questions 100-102)



  100. You say it is 53 areas. Is it going to become 100 areas?
  (Ms Fitzgerald) The permitted areas at the moment, you may only apply for a casino in certain areas around the country.
  (Mrs Simmonds) It was done on the population census of 1971.
  (Ms Fitzgerald) That would go under Budd and in future anyone would be able to apply. A person who had been properly certificated could apply for a casino in any area in the country and the application could be made to the local authority.

  101. You do not have a view on how many you would like it to be?
  (Mrs Simmonds) If you believe in a free market economy, I do not think you would want it restricted. We would want to ensure that people who operate them are fit and proper and that will be something essentially for the Gambling Commission; and that the local authority pays proper attention to how they actually work.

  102. What would your view be on the actual machines themselves, the ones that are able to pay out a 1 million jackpot by being networked around the world?

  (Mrs Simmonds) They will only be available in places which are purely for gambling like casinos. Their payout is reduced, depending on the type of premises you are in. In a purely licensed premises, it will be on the 25 machine and that is right as a start. What we are particularly concerned about, is the restrictions put on the numbers.

  Chairman: Thank you very much.


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Prepared 8 July 2002