Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport Appendices to the Minutes of Evidence


Supplementary memorandum from the Betting Office Licensees Association Limited

  Given your Committee's interest in the National Lottery and the recommendation of both it and the National Heritage Committee that side-betting should be allowed on the Lottery numbers, I am sure you are aware of a new product due to be launched by Camelot in July.

  Called Lottery Hotpicks, this new "game" is in fact a fixed odds bet in that it offers fixed prizes for selecting two, three or four numbers in the main Lottery draw. As Camelot opposed side betting on the grounds that this would be damaging to its own core product, it is surprising to say the least that the Lottery intends to enter this market itself. It is also surprising, considering the DCMS's recent decision not to lift the ban on side betting, that the Government is prepared to allow this.

  We have written to DCMS about Lotto Hotpicks and will be meeting officials on 26 June to discuss this and other issues relevant to the betting industry. I would be pleased to let you know the outcome of that meeting. Or to provided any other information you might wish to have.

31 May 2002


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Prepared 24 July 2002